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  • Utility And Infrastructure Resiliency

    The ability to operate seamlessly in the face of challenges — which includes everything from increased demands and changing regulations to environmental factors and extreme events — is the core of resiliency. In 2020, the pandemic has brought the need for water systems to bolster their resiliency to the forefront.

  • Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

    With states and the federal government edging closer toward PFAS regulations, it’s only a matter of time before municipalities will be required to address the contaminant. As the rules evolve, PFAS promises to be a moving target for a long time.

  • Digitalization Of The Water Industry

    Global water challenges — such as affordability, scarcity, resilience, and quality — are putting more pressure than ever on utility managers and the communities they serve.

  • Reducing Non-Revenue Water

    Most utilities know they have a significant non-revenue water problem — with the typical system bleeding an average of 24 percent annually — but few have the expertise and technology to address it properly. While the concept of water loss in the distribution network isn’t new, water scarcity and the difficulty of raising rates as an offset means non-revenue water (NRW) is no longer tolerable.

  • Water Scarcity And Reuse


    The drive toward a digital transformation will be crucial for water utilities to meet the significant challenges they face. This eBook provides the insight needed to dive into the digital age.

  • Effective Stormwater Management


    Approaches to stormwater have improved dramatically. This free collection of articles provides detailed examples of successful and sustainable solutions that water and wastewater quality managers may be able to adopt to address their own stormwater dilemma.