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  1. Water Environment Federation Urges White House, Congress To Rebuild Resilient Water Infrastructure After Hurricanes

    The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is urging the White House and Congress to provide robust funding and prioritize resilience in rebuilding the water infrastructure in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands that was damaged by the recent hurricanes.

  2. National Association Of Water Companies Names California Water Service, EPCOR USA And New York American Water Winners Of The NAWC Management Innovation Awards

    The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) has named both EPCOR USA and California Water Service as first place winners of the 2017 NAWC Management Innovation Awards.

  3. Water Challenges And Opportunities Focal Points Of 2017 NAWC Water Summit

    This week, private water industry leaders from across the country gathered in Seattle, Washington, for the 2017 NAWC Water Summit. This year’s Summit programming included addressing water infrastructure needs, rate regulation, use of drone technology, and economic and geopolitical trends. 

  4. A Fresh Look At Fresh Water: Researchers Create A 50,000-Lake Database

    Countless numbers of vacationers spent this summer enjoying lakes for swimming, fishing and boating. But are they loving these lakes to death?

  5. The Water Council Supports The Wisconsin WINS Act

    The Water Council supports Senator Alberta Darling, Senator Dan Feyen, Senator Van Wanggaard and Representative Adam Neylon’s call for the creation of the Wisconsin Workforce and Innovation Network for Success (WINS) Act, a vital initiative to help expand new product research and development, innovation through competition to solve or improve a local problem, capacity building and business accelerators.

  6. How Much Water Flows Into Agricultural Irrigation? New Study Provides 18-Year Water Use Record

    Irrigation for agriculture is the largest use of fresh water around the globe, but precise records and maps of when and where water is applied by farmers are difficult to locate. Now a team of researchers has discovered how to track water used in agriculture.

  7. New National Study Identifies Well Owners Potentially At Risk Of Arsenic Exposure

    A new national study estimating 2.1 million Americans on household water wells may be at risk of harmful exposure to arsenic underscores the importance of well owners testing their water for contaminants of local concern, the National Ground Water Association said recently.

  8. The SWAN North American Alliance And Industry Partners Collaborate To Bring Engaging Smart Water Discussions To The Midwest

    In what will be an exciting multi-partner effort, the SWAN North American Alliance, an initiative of the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), together with industry leaders, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, Current, and Global Water Works invite you to attend “Modernizing North American Water Systems in the Digital Age”, a one-day workshop on Nov. 6th in Chicago.

  9. Reducing Power Plants’ Freshwater Consumption With Sandia’s New Silica Filter

    Power plants draw more freshwater than any other consumer in the United States, accounting for more than 50 percent of the nation’s freshwater use at about 500 billion gallons daily.

  10. Asahi Kasei's Microza Hollow-Fiber Membrane Selected For Desalination Plant In Kuwait

    Microza™ hollow-fiber membrane for water treatment from Asahi Kasei was selected as pretreatment membrane for the Doha Phase 1 reverse osmosis (RO)1 seawater desalination plant to be built near Kuwait City by Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, a major Korean plant construction company.