Drinking Water Distribution Resources

  1. New Project Keeps Water Running To Las Vegas

    More than 42 million tourists traveled to Las Vegas in 2018 to see the shows, the entertainers, and the gambling halls that make the city one of the nation’s most popular travel destinations. The Las Vegas valley is also the home of more than 2.25 million residents, easily the most densely populated region in the state of Nevada.

  2. AWWA Offers Comprehensive Approach To Water Main Assessments

    Municipalities have a new resource in the battle to stretch their water utility capital and maintenance dollars as far as possible. AWWA recently released its first edition of the M77 Condition Assessment of Water Mains. The publication is designed to help water management professionals make better investment decisions by significantly improving their ability to estimate the lifespan of mains.

  3. Tips For Cost-Efficient Tank Installation

    There are many different jobs related to tanks, but there are three types of jobs that can be considered together because they are more closely connected. These are the design, installation oversight, and "as-builts" design for both underground storage tanks (USTs) and above-ground storage tanks (ASTs). All three of these jobs, in the respective order above, should in reality be part of the same tank installation job.

  4. Speedy Repair Or Replacement Of Curb Boxes Damaged By Acidic Soil

    For municipal waterworks supervisors, keeping curb boxes in good working order is critical.  But this job can become even more complicated by the prevalence of acidic soils across the U.S., which accelerates corrosion along with costly repair and replacement.

  5. A Messy Problem Inspires An Award-Winning Solution

    Denver Water and engineering partners resolve major water quality challenge in crucial South Platte River exchange reservoirs.

  6. Perception vs. Reality: The Facts About U.S. Lead Exposures

    The lessons of Flint should be well heeded, and lead mitigation continued, but the big-picture story of lead exposures in the U.S. is a tale of tremendous progress.

  7. Solutions To Reduce Water Loss And Gain Revenue

    Most utilities understand they have a nonrevenue water problem, but few know how to deal with it correctly. Start by learning more about how the issue affects your utility and what options are available.

  8. Drinking Water Challenges On The Rise

    University of Miami professors who study water treatment and civil engineering say that water contamination issues point to human error.

  9. Preparing For “The Big One” – Protecting The Nation’s Water Infrastructure

    The long holiday weekend was filled with news about seismic activity in California and Nevada. An original jolt on Thursday was followed by thousands of aftershocks and an even stronger 7.1 quake on Friday, and tremblers are expected to continue for days.

  10. Denver Water Proposes Innovative Plan To Remove An Estimated 75,000 Lead Service Lines In 15 Years

    Recently, Denver Water’s board approved its proposed “Lead Reduction Program Plan” to fully replace the estimated 75,000 lead service lines (LSLs) in their system within 15 years. The plan is an innovative solution that will remove the primary source of lead within Denver Water’s system, while avoiding the use of orthophosphate that can further exacerbate nutrient pollution problems in rivers, streams, and oceans.