Drinking Water Distribution White Papers and Case Studies

  1. Utility Improves Data Accuracy, Customer Service With Advanced Metering Analytics

    Bethpage Water District’s (New York) outdated water metering system led to customer service concerns, such as a slow response time for detecting leaks and insufficient data for billing inquiries. By installing new meters and advanced metering analytics software, the district increased visibility into its operations, resulting in greater revenue and improved customer service.

  2. Understand RF Propagation Of AMR/AMI Systems

    Most Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems installed in utilities use radio frequency (RF) communication. RF communication is also used for two-way radios, wireless supervisory control, data acquisition (SCADA) systems, office wireless networks, routers and cell phones.

  3. Repair Of Failed Fusion Joint On 36” High Density Polyethylene Pipe Force Main

    On July 26, 2013 Gainesville Regional Utilities discovered a pipeline failure at a butt-fused welded joint on a 36” HDPE Sewer Force Main. It was determined that the joint failed due to a combination of several incorrect construction methods used during the installation of the pipeline. Once discovered, GRU installed JCM 102-3600 x 18” wide Multi Band Universal Clamp Couplings (4-band clamp) to temporarily seal the leak while a permanent repair was considered.

  4. AMERICAN Valve And Pipe Groups Join Forces To Serve The Citizens Of Eastern Pennsylvania

    Together, AMERICAN Flow Control and AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe are providing a complete package of valves, hydrants and pipe for a new waterline to serve the eastern Pennsylvania communities of North Wales and Chalfont Borough.

  5. Water Meter Upgrade Delivers More Than Accurate Readings

    Municipality benefits from guaranteed savings, reduced costs, and customer service accolades

  6. New Meters And AMR System Deliver Outstanding Revenue Savings And Improved Efficiencies In Ozark Mountain Region

    Tri County Regional Water upgrades to Badger Meter E-Series® Ultrasonic meters and ORION® Classic (CE) automatic meter reading (AMR) solution.

  7. Tri-City Water Infrastructure Partnership: When 'We' Is Better Than 'Me'

    This is a story about three cities in North Carolina: Albemarle, Concord and Kannapolis. Albemarle, 40 miles east of Charlotte, had excess capacity in its water system and needed new customers to defray costs.

  8. Echologics: 27” Cast Iron Joint Leak Discovered In Bristol, England

    This leak was discovered using LeakFinderRT with surface mounted sensors. The total sensor-to-sensor spacing was 450 m (1,480 ft).

  9. Pipe Repair: Defining The Fine Line Between Commodity And Calamity

    With aging infrastructure averaging more than 240,000 water main breaks per year across the U.S., viewing repair fittings as commodity products can backfire if the performance of those fittings cannot outlast the remaining life expectancy of the pipeline. Choosing repair fittings on price alone without regard for performance characteristics can lead to premature failure. Here are some tips to avoid such a calamity.

  10. A Helpful Guide To The Benefits Of The Single Rolling Diaphragm

    Reducing water loss and saving money are two of the highest priorities—and most consistent challenges—facing water professionals. Both of these issues stem from water pressure control.