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Enhancing Municipal Water Storage With Submersible Mixers: A Case Study

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Ice accumulation in water tanks poses serious challenges, compromising operations by trapping volumes of water and potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars in infrastructure damage. PAX Mixers are highly effective in preventing ice formation, even in extreme cold conditions. By optimizing water circulation, we can maintain consistent water temperatures within a tank.

A recent case study conducted in Anchorage, AK demonstrates the remarkable impact of our submersible mixers. In summary, the installation of a PAX mixer resulted in the following benefits for this utility:

Ice Prevention: By strategically positioning our mixers in their water tanks, we were able to maintain consistent water temperatures, preventing ice formation even in extreme cold conditions, which was previously causing tens of thousands of dollars in infrastructure damage.

Improved Water Quality: The enhanced circulation facilitated by the installation of a PAX mixer led to improved water quality during summer months, as well, ensuring that the community received consistently high-quality drinking water, year-round.

Energy Efficiency: Our mixers are designed to operate with minimal energy consumption while ensuring optimal water circulation, reducing operational costs and aligning with sustainable practices.

Operational Reliability: The mixers demonstrated exceptional reliability throughout the project, operating seamlessly without the need for constant monitoring or maintenance.

We believe that our success in Anchorage is a testament to the effectiveness and efficiency of PAX Mixers in combating ice formation and improving water quality in municipal water tanks. We would be delighted to discuss how this solution could be tailored to meet the specific needs of your municipality.  

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