Wastewater Mixing Videos

  1. Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) – Parkson’s EcoCycle SBR

    In this video, Parkson discusses the process of biologically treating wastewater in a batch mode and what differentiates Parkson's SBR from others.

  2. Superior Mixing Characteristics With The Water Champ® FX Chemical Induction System

    The Water Champ® FX System improves open-channel disinfection process by replacing conventional mixing and diffusers with an easy, fast and effective chemical induction system. Constructed for the highest level of durability and performance, it is compatible with chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), ammonia, sulfur dioxide or bisulfite.

  3. Flygt 4320 Submersible Low-Speed Mixer Video

    The Flygt 4320 allows you to adjust for today’s flows and loadings, quickly change to meet seasonal fluctuations, and be prepared for future increases – all without wasting energy.

  4. LAGOON MASTER™ Sludge Activating Aerator Video

    The Reliant Lagoon Master Water-Moving Aeration System (formerly Model WQA) is not just an aerator, but it is a water-mover with the ability to deliver large amounts of dissolved oxygen (DO) using a minimum of energy.

  5. Small Tank Mixing Simulation, Part 2

    This video demonstrates how Vaughan Company's Small Tank Mixing Assembly can be utilized to mix only the bottom portion of a tank while leaving the top in a non-turbulent state.

  6. Small Tank Mixing Simulation, Part 1

    Introducing Vaughan Company's new Small Tank Mixing system, this product is meant for smaller applications where there is a need to create a homogenized slurry. This is perfect for getting the most out of your F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, and Greases) application. Part 2 illustrates how this product can be utilized within a Salt Water Disposal application.

  7. Tornado® Surface Aerators Help Obregon, Mexico Earn Energy Conservation Awards

    Learn how Fluence helped the city of Obregon, Mexico overcome severe ecological challenges, save energy, and treat wastewater for reuse.

  8. Dif-Jet Gas Mixing Aerator Product Video

    This video shows how Dif-Jet™ wastewater aerators from Fortrans are energy efficient, non-fouling, and can be used with air or pure oxygen for applications requiring mixing of air – oxygen or ozone into water.

  9. Floating Aerator / Mixer Video

    DO2E Aerator / Mixers are high-efficiency all welded, heavy-duty PVC devices that are unique in several ways. DO2E’s patented products are designed to pull water from significant depths for aeration and mixing. By operating with low-pressure (<1.85 P.S.I.) high-volume airflow, these devices maximize energy efficiency. Our patented products are scalable and multi voltage.

  10. Video Exposes Sludge Reduction Efficiency Of Unique Wastewater Lagoon Aerator

    The Reliant Water Technologies Lagoon Master (formerly Model WQA) aerator has captured the interest of the global waste lagoon industry over the past several years.  With hundreds of these unique aerators now in use around the world, there is finally a video that provides visual proof of the underwater flow/action that takes place with just 4 (2.98 kW) total horsepower (HP).  The unique water moving action of the Lagoon Master ‘fluidizes the sludge’ so that the natural bacteria in the sludge can more readily break down the organic fractions in the sludge.  Actually, this action utilizes only 2 (1.5 kW) HP for effectively reducing the sludge in an area of well over an acre of surface water.