Floating Aerator / Mixer Video

Source: DO2E

DO2E Aerator / Mixers are high-efficiency all welded, heavy-duty PVC devices that are unique in several ways. DO2E’s patented products are designed to pull water from significant depths for aeration and mixing. By operating with low-pressure (<1.85 P.S.I.) high-volume airflow, these devices maximize energy efficiency. Our patented products are scalable and multi voltage.

DO2E utilizes the latest “Green Technology” and continues to set the standards in the Aeration industry. DO2E’s products are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. Construction from 100% heavy-duty PVC, allows our units to withstand harsh environments encountered in virtually every wastewater application. In most installations, DO2E’s clients have realized maintenance cost reductions up to 95%. Our product line is the most energy efficient, maintenance friendly, and cost effective product introduced to the waste water market over the past 30 years.