Water Loss and Leak Detection Videos

  1. Aquis Leakage Management

    This video explains how Aquis Leak Detection can reduce the amount of Non-revenue Water by reducing loss of water through existing leaks and reduce the risk of additional leaks. Furthermore energy consumption, emissions and use of chemicals are reduced and water quality is improved.

  2. Listening For Leaks In Las Vegas

    While it often starts with a leak, historically many utilities have waited until there is an evident problem or rupture to react. Today’s utilities have an option. Imagine being immediately notified about a problem in an main. The EchoShore-TX platform will call, text, or email you promptly after detecting a leak or other anomaly.

  3. Echologics EchoShore Demonstration

    As a leading provider of acoustic-based technologies for water loss management, leak detection and pipe condition assessment, Echologics is dedicated to helping water utilities reduce water loss.

  4. Echologics Interview

    An interview with Mark Loveday, Manager, European Region and Mark Nicol, Business Development Manager - Asia Pacific.

  5. BEACON AMA Meter Reading System Case Study

    For the Bethpage Water District on New York's Long Island, providing first class customer service is a top priority. But antiquated meters -- and the subsequent billing complaints and maintenance requirements -- had become a problem. The Badger Meter BEACON Meter Reading System became the solution.

  6. Echologics Acoustic Leak Detection And Condition Assessment Solution Video

    See how Echologics acoustic leak detection and condition assessment solution helps utilities to reduce non-revenue water, improve conservation and prioritize capital spending—without breaking ground or disrupting service.