1. Treatment Plant Upgrade Eases Operations And Increases Safety

    Now in operation for well over two years in the Malambo, Colombia, the Microclor® system has proven itself in terms of reliability and safety. According to management, the clear, vertically-oriented cells and the system’s open architecture allow for easy inspection and simplify any minor maintenance that might be required.

  2. OSCAR System DINO Controller Reduces Nutrient Return And Improves Energy Efficiency

    Faced with rising operating costs due to increasing energy and chemical prices as well as stricter effluent permit limits, many operators and engineers are turning to sensors and automation as a means to enhance treatment performance and reduce operating costs while limited capital expenses. In order to overcome these challenges, an advanced process control solution was implemented in an aerobic digester in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

  3. Historic Town Remedies FOG Problem

    Among the pump stations managed by Branford, CT, is a long-term problematic station located at Burban Street. There were two primary problems at this station: 1) clogging from modern day trash and raggy, stringy materials, and 2) fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from a nearby nursing home and restaurants, which accumulate and float on the water surface, resulting in a horrendous mess.

  4. UV System Saves Energy And Reduces Maintenance

    After a 17-year run, a plant’s UV disinfection system was limping toward the finish line. The city needed to identify a replacement UV system that fit into the same channel, offered lower power consumption, and contained a practical ease of maintenance to reduce the amount of labor consumed on the equipment. The new system requires dramatically less power to run while simultaneously streamlining upkeep.

  5. Ultrapure Water In Semiconductor Plants

    In the semiconductor industry, ultrapure water usage can be in order of 2 to 4 million gallons a day. The entire ultrapure water treatment process is comprised of two segments: makeup water and a high-purity water loop.

  6. Hurricane Harvey: Climate Change, Staggering Costs, And People At The Heart Of It All

    Texans are no stranger to the devastation of hurricanes. I still vividly remember, as a young child in Austin, being scared of Alicia in 1983 — and thankful that we lived at the top of the hill. Alicia caused nearly $2 billion in damages, a record at the time, and the category 3 storm was so destructive that its name was retired. But only a few years later, that record was broken...

  7. DynaSand® EcoWash® Hybrid Video

    Parkson has taken a very unique and highly creative approach to create a new DynaSand® product video that provides customers a crystal clear picture of what differentiates the EcoWash® hybrid sand filter from all other sand filters. We think you will appreciate the entirely “out of the box” approach and promise you will not find this to be the usual dull and uninteresting product video.

  8. ThickTech™ Rotary Drum Thickener Product Video

    This video examines the economic evaluations of life cycle cost over capital investment and introduces an innovative new bid procedure to assure the best overall value for the end user.

  9. Monster Metal Video

    The Monster Metals’s abrasion resistance and corrosion resistant metal alloy has superior wear resistance and excellent corrosion metal protection. With the Monster Metal, you don’t have to choose between corrosion resistant metal or abrasion resistance. Monster Metal offers both, resulting in cutters that last longer in a gritty, corrosive wastewater environment.

  10. Parkson University — Introduction To Wastewater Part 2

    The second video of the series, covers treatment of the large inert wastes through the headworks, screens dewatering and conveyance steps. An introduction to wastewater treatment unlike any other out there. Whether you don’t know the first thing about what happens when you flush the toilet, or you’re an engineer or an operator with 20 years under your belt, there is certainly something in this video series for you. These videos take a holistic approach to the treatment process, and first answer WHY we are treating what we treat, and only then going over HOW we treat it, in a way that anyone can understand.