1. How To Save Energy And Produce Top-Quality Effluent With MABR Technology

    Wastewater professionals are always under pressure to save costs while improving treatment. So, new technology that helps to accomplish these goals is always welcome. Wastewater equipment and treatment methodologies are becoming more effective and efficient, providing valuable solutions for utilities and industries.

  2. The CoMag® System For Enhanced Primary And Tertiary Treatment

    The innovative CoMag System from Evoqua infuses magnetite into chemical floc to make it heavier, significantly improving clarifier performance. This video explains how the CoMag® System works and how it can be used to increase capacity, enhance clarifier performance and achieve total phosphorous of 0.05 mg/L.

  3. Fuzzy Filter: Video

    Innovative and cost effective, Fuzzy Filter uses compressible media for variable porosity, with high solids storage and no filtered water needed for washing.

  4. Grit & Grease: Video

    Schreiber’s grit and grease removal system removes both grit and grease in a common structure. Two parallel rectangular concrete channels combine to separate and collect grit and grease: one to settle grit particles for removal, and the other to collect grease using Schreiber’s patented air-skimming technology. The system meets the specific flow requirements of each facility and handles large fluctuations in flow. The typical detention time at the design peak flow is five minutes.

  5. Continuously Sequencing Reactor: Video

    The Schreiber Continuously Sequencing Reactor, or CSR, is a Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) system contained in a single basin. It produces the three process phases required for BNR — oxic, anoxic and anaerobic — in one basin, performed sequentially and repetitively over time. Watch the video to learn more.

  6. Duperon® FlexRake® Sentinel™ PFE Datasheet

    Front cleaning, front return Duperon® fixed-element perforated screening for 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm applications.

  7. Duperon® Self-Cleaning Trashrack Datasheet

    Handles High Volumes, High Velocity, and All Types of Debris for Absolute Flow Protection.

  8. Duperon® Washer Compactor Datasheet

    The Duperon® Washer Compactor is a robustly simple, high-efficiency, non-batching process machine. The unique positive displacement, dual-auger system provides Adaptive Self-Regulating Compaction for consistent pressure in variable debris conditions, assuring efficient compaction of debris regardless of changes in flow and debris type - even for non-standard wastewater debris such as rocks, clothing, concrete, and metal up to four inches.

  9. Duperon® FlexRake® FS: Fine Screen Datasheet

    Screen is Continuously Cleaned by UHMW Scrapers

  10. Duperon® FlexRake® FRO: Screen Cleaning System Only Datasheet

    Industry-Exclusive FlexLink™ Design Incorporates a Robust 5 lb. Stainless Steel Cast Link System: 60,000 lb. Ultimate Strength, 1,000 lb. Debris Lifting Capacity