Stormwater Management Videos

  1. George Hawkins On Green Bonds & Sustainability: Goldman Sachs' Impact Investment In Social Change

    George Hawkins, CEO and General Manager of DC Water, talks with Lisa Cox, manager at Sorenson Impact Center, about the first green bond in the US and how DC Water — partnered with Goldman Sachs — catalyzed innovation, social change, and sustainability in DC's water management system.

  2. 2D Modeling 101

    In this recorded webinar, Chris Huxley from BMT WBM will be using his more than a decade’s experience in 2D Modeling to build your confidence from the ground up in the 2D Modeling space.

  3. Automated Sustainable Stormwater Design

    In this webinar you can learn how you can greatly reduce design time and produce more accurate and easy-to-understand sustainable storm water plans. Join Zach Sample, P.E., to learn how XPDRAINAGE users can automate the sizing of all elements in their sustainable storm water network.

  4. Urban Green - Point Defiance Stormwater Treatment Facility

    City of Tacoma and Metro Parks Tacoma construct a Regional Stormwater Treatment Facility in Point Defiance Park.

  5. Largest Compressible Media Filter In The World Implemented

    When the Springfield, OH, plant was presented with the mandate to meet stricter guidelines for the control and treatment of combined sewer overflows, it started down a road that would eventually lead it to the largest compressed media filter installation in the world.

  6. KSB Amarex Cooling Jacket Submersible Pump

    KSB submersible pumps with advanced self-contained cooling jacket design can be used as dry mount or submersible pumps. Handling of all types of abrasive or aggressive waste water in water and waste water engineering as well as industry, especially untreated sewage containing long fibers and solid substances, fluids containing gas / air, as well as raw, activated and digested sludge; sea water desalination.

  7. Who Is KSB?

    Water is crucial for our survival. Clean water supplies and efficient sewage treatment have never been more important.

  8. 2D Modelling Series Pt 1: Modelling with Different Cell Sizes

    Webinars are XP Solutions' way of reaching out to discuss not only the tools we design, but the hot topics in water collection in our present world. XP-Live Webinars provide an opportunity for experts in their fields to offer demonstrations in concepts and practices in design, modeling, planning, reviewing and more. XPertorials are shorter webinars that provide tips and tricks for using XP Solutions software products.

  9. The XPDRAINAGE Treatment Train Approach

    In this webinar you will see how to apply xpdrainage to a site in order to compare pre- and post-development flows and water quality for various LID practices.

  10. Introduction To XPDRAINAGE

    This is a workflow overview of the all-new XPDRAINAGE <>< span="">software for stormwater drainage design. This is an evolving software program that allows engineers to evaluate pre- and post-development surface water runoff, including water quantity and quality.<>