Wastewater Management Pumps and Valves Videos

  1. A Partner That Cares About Our Success

    Carlsen Systems in Woodbridge, Connecticut is a company with a mantra: “we never walk away from a problem.” The reliable performance of Sulzer products backed up by Sulzer’s expert support helps Carlsen to solve their customers’ challenges.

  2. The Dependability That We Need

    With 53 lift stations, the City of Huntsville, Alabama needs dependable equipment and suppliers. Sulzer’s submersible pumps have consistently given them the reliable day-to-day performance and the blockage protection they need.

  3. Linestops With The HSF250 Fitting And The Hydra-Stopper

    Short animation showing the use of the HSF250 fitting and the Hydra-Stopper for linestops.

  4. A Permanent, Insertable Valve That Installs Without Shutdown Or Service Interruption

    Simplify distribution maintenance using the Insta-Valve 250 Patriot insertion valve from Hydra-Stop.

  5. How To Optimize Your Pump Station Design

    Pump station design is the key to great performance and cost efficient constructions. Our experts explain their view on design and how they work to create the best value for customers by reducing footprint and investment costs.

  6. New GF Product Lines Announced At WEFTEC

    Brian LaBelle, Director of Business Development for GF Piping Systems, provides Kevin Westerling with a tour of the Company’s WEFTEC.16 booth. Some of the new products on display include a dual channel transmitter, a series of electric actuators, a lug-style butterfly valve and a double containment piping system.

  7. AMERICAN’s Series 2500 With ALPHA™ Restrained Joint Ends

    Compared to mechanical joint, which uses up to eight bolts on each end, the ALPHA joint uses only one top-mounted stainless steel bolt. This makes the valve with ALPHA ends easier to install, which saves time and money.

  8. S&L Launches Next-Generation EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations

    The EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Station represents the next generation of affordable, operator-safe and long-lasting S&L above-grade pumping systems. Featuring the top pumping technology (like the new RAPID JACK™ Quick-Clean Check Valve), new convenient package options, and the industry’s best warranty protection, EVERLAST™ is designed to provide users with a long, successful pump station life. Watch the video to learn more.

  9. Flygt Experior Pumping Solution: Guaranteed Clog-Free Pumping

    The Flygt Experior pumping solution combined the superior functionality of N-technology, premium efficiency motors, and intelligent controls to offer the ultimate in efficient clog-free pumping.

  10. Efficiency And Longevity Remain Key For Pumping Success

    Pump purchasing has evolved over the last decade. Although single pump, end-of-life replacement will always be part of the operational budget, pump systems linked together by control systems and architected to obtain maximum efficiency are growing in popularity.