Multiport Relief Valves

Source: Newterra Corporation

Multiport Relief Valve Springs cannot be compressed solid nor can the valve be locked closed by external adjustment. When springs are compressed to a maximum point by handwheel adjustment, the valve discs will open upon overpressure. Operating components are internal to the valve, which precludes tampering.

Designed for maximum safety. The valve and springs are designed for the maximum initial relief pressure indicated on the nameplate. This pressure cannot be exceeded by external adjustment even though the valve is fully adjustable to all pressures within the zero to maximum pressure.


  • Controlled steam atmosphere
  • Easy set pressure adjustment
  • Alloy Steel springs for high temperatures and Chrome Vanadium Steel springs for medium and low temperatures
  • The body is cast iron for applications to 500 ºF and cast steel for 600 ºF applications
  • Discs are vapor cushion gradual lift non-pop type with replaceable resilient seating surfaces