KLa Systems Inc. is an equipment supplier specializing in custom designed mixing and aeration technologies for biological wastewater treatment processes. We are the market leader and our team of personnel has over 30 years’ experience in the water industry, having successfully completed well over 1,300 projects worldwide.

Our focus is in working with large industries, municipalities, and water utilities on a global basis and our products include jet mixing, jet aeration, and Slot Injector™ aeration systems. KLa Systems goal is to furnish the most cost effective system in the industry, while applying our technology to both conventional and advanced biological treatment processes for the purpose of both creating a cleaner environment while assisting our customers in making their treatment plants more sustainable.

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Video: Bi-Directional Jet Aerator - Mixing Pattern
Video: Directional Slot Injector Mixing Pattern
Video: Jet Aerator - Starting Up
Video: Jet Mixer - Start Up
Video: MBBR Slot Injector

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