News | October 24, 2012

KLa Systems Introduces Skid Mounted Slot Injector™ Aerator System

Source: KLa Systems
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KLa Systems, Inc. has developed a skid mounted Slot Injector™ manifold system for installation into existing basins without the need to take the basin out of service. The directional Slot Injector manifolds can be used in aerated lagoons, oxidation ditches and circular tanks to provide both oxygen transfer and mixing to meet the process requirements. The Slot Injector aerators are fabricated of vinyl ester FRP pipe with polypropylene injectors and galvanized steel support skid.  Either submersible or self-priming pumps can be used. For self-priming pump installations the vertical drop pipes are also fabricated of galvanized steel and are integral to the entire support system. The skid mounted Slot Injector system comes complete with all lifting cables, location floats and hardware.

First introduced into the US market in 2006, the Slot Injector™ is a two-phase jet with a unique geometrical shape and performance characteristics which result in a system that offers significant capital and energy savings compared to conventional jet aerators.

KLa Systems products include jet mixing, jet aerators, slot injector aeration systems, and effluent decanters.

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SOURCE: KLa Systems