Article | June 5, 2014

KLa Jet Aerators/Mixers For Large Diameter Equalization Tanks

Source: KLa Systems
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Flow Equalization
Many municipalities are facing the challenge of having to equalize large volumes of storm water sometimes mixed with raw sewage in order to continuously meet their permit limitations. The equalized flow is stored during a storm event and then slowly diverted to the treatment facility when influent flows return to normal levels.  In the past few years the need for influent storage has been driven by both the increased popularity of the MBR process and the build-out of new storm water treatment facilities.  In the case of the MBR plants the need to equalize flow is directly related to maintaining a flux rate that the membranes can accommodate, ensuring the plant does not get bottlenecked.  With storm water treatment facilities the need is based on making sure the solids removal processes are operating at design flow rates and are not hydraulically overloaded, which negatively impacts performance.  The equalization basins for these facilities are often large tanks with diameters ranging from 140 to 200 ft. and with liquid depths ranging from 20-ft. to 50-ft.  KLa jet aerators and jet mixers are the technology of choice in these applications based on the following facts: their flexibility of operation and configuration in large diameter tanks, the highly corrosion and abrasion resistant in-basin components, the use of simple external pumping systems, and a +20 year design life.