KLa Systems Slot Injector Aeration System

Source: KLa Systems

The Slot Injector™ System is a superior jet aeration system that is specifically applied to industrial biological treatment processes where fine screening is a standard pretreatment operation in both conventional and advanced air activated sludge applications.

Introduced by Bayer AG in 1979, the Slot Injector is a proven oxygen transfer technology with over 35 years of successful operating service around the world.  The entry to the market place in North America has focused on the food & beverage, chemical, and petrochemical industries, as well as landfill leachate treatment facilities. Similar to a modern jet aerator, the Slot Injector™ system uses a slot-shaped configuration to achieve higher efficiencies. The slot-shaped nozzle and mixing chamber provide a great shear surface for mass transfer than a circular jet opening of identical.  Compared to conventional jet aeration technology, the Slot Injector system offers some unique benefits:

Capital Savings

  • Up to 60% reduction in liquid flow results in smaller and/or fewer pumps, as well as significant reduction in the size of the liquid piping system both inside and outside the aeration basin.
  • The improved gas dissolution results in a 15% reduction in the volume of air required, leading to smaller blowers, motors, and/or piping systems.

Energy Savings

  • The higher velocity jet plume allows for raising the Slot Injectors off the aeration basin floor resulting in energy saving due to lower blower pressure.
  • The higher pressure pumping system often results in a 15% improvement in hydraulic efficiency.
  • KLa’s Slot Injector design database along with the higher pressure pumping system allow for optimizing aeration efficiency by varying both the air and liquid flow, concurrently meeting all the basic mixing requirements of the process.

Industries that can benefit from using Slot Injector technology include; Food and Beverage Processing, Pulp and Paper, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical, Refinery, Textile, and Leachate Treatment.