KLa Systems Jet Mixer

Source: KLa Systems
KLa Systems Jet Mixer

Jet Mixers offer superior mixing of large diameter tanks by providing uniform energy distribution while minimizing power input. This mixing technology results in decreased reaction times, improved liquid blending and off bottom suspension of light, organic solids.  Jet mixers are used in wastewater treatment applications where blending, solids suspension, flow generation, or chemical reactions are key process parameters.  Jet mixers are fabricated of either FRP or stainless steel with no moving parts in the tank. Conventional pumps are used for the jet motive flow and are located just outside the tank for optimizing energy efficiency and ease in maintenance.

Compared to alternative mixing technologies, KLa’s jet mixing systems offer the following advantages:

  •  Proven 20+ Years Design Life
  •  Low Installation & Maintenance Costs
  •  Superior Process Performance
  •  Superior Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance
  •  Proven, reliable rotating equipment