News | May 5, 2011

Slot Injector Aeration System For MBR Projects

Source: KLa Systems
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KLa Systems is in the process of starting up their tenth MBR project using slot injector aeration technology. This last project is for a merchant chemical wastewater treatment plant and has a total oxygen transfer capacity of 7000lb/d. The slot injector system was chosen because of its proven oxygen transfer performance at high MLSS concentrations, flexible, low maintenance operating system, and +20 year design life. Since 2006,the KLa Systems slot injector aeration system has been operating successfully in MBR service at eight food/beverage processing plants and two chemical plants.

First introduced into the US market in 2004, slot injector aerators are two-phase jets with unique geometrical shapes and performance characteristics which result in a system that offers significant capital and energy savings compared to conventional jet aerators.

About KLa Systems, Inc.
KLa Systems, Inc. is a company involved in making the worlds waterways cleaner and specializes in custom designed mixing and aeration technologies for biological wastewater treatment processes. KLa Systems focus is in working with large industries, municipalities, and water utilities on a global basis. KLa Systems products include jet mixing, jet aeration, slot injector aeration systems, and effluent decanters.

SOURCE: KLa Systems