For more than two decades, Atlantium Technologies has helped to ensure water safety with its innovative HOD™ (Hydro-Optic Disinfection) UV technology and novel approach to performance, monitoring, and control. Atlantium's superior, environmentally friendly water treatment solutions ensure stable, efficient, and dependable production.

With thousands of full-scale installations for leading brands in various industries globally, we’re committed to consistently meeting our customers' water quality needs, ensuring pure results.

Atlantium’s team of scientists and engineers designed an innovative solution based on UV (ultraviolet) light, fiber-optics and hydraulics. Our HOD UV system provides industry and municipalities with a sustainable, measurable water treatment option.

Our customer service centers are strategically placed to provide immediate, ongoing support. Our systems are third-party validated and comply with stringent validation parameters.

Our approach and design revolutionize the way we view water treatment. Atlantium cares about the environment and the impact we have on the future of our world. We are intensely passionate about what we do and know the journey is just as important as our destination.


Atlantium Technologies installed UV systems in an Indian solar photovoltaic manufacturing plant to remove impurities from ultrapure water, effectively reducing TOC levels and providing high microbial reduction. Their HOD UV technology has been proven effective in water treatment.

A beverage company in Punjab, India solved their water contamination issue by implementing Atlantium's HOD UV technology, achieving effective disinfection and desired ozone levels.

Plant Bowen, a coal-fired power station in Georgia, successfully implemented Atlantium's HOD UV technology to eliminate microbial growth and improve the performance of their reverse osmosis system. The HOD UV system removed chlorine, reduced maintenance costs, and extended the lifespan of membranes.

Nice Pak/PDI, a disinfectant wipes manufacturer, chose Atlantium's HOD UV solution for dechlorination due to its cost-effectiveness and alignment with their chemical-free production goals. The solution effectively removes chlorine and reduces biofouling potential, providing double protection.

Atlantium Technologies' HOD UV systems were installed in an Alabama electric generation plant to treat and disinfect raw water, replacing the use of chemicals and improving water quality.

In this case study, read about a successful pilot test in Long Island, New York, removing 1,4 dioxane from water. The technology used offers improved efficiency, reduced maintenance, and ongoing monitoring for reliable water treatment.

Atlantium Technologies installed a HOD UV system at a North American baseload generation facility to replace GAC filters and provide efficient and effective water treatment. The system ensures low chlorine concentration and reduces bacterial growth.

The town of Hillsborough, NH chose Atlantium's HOD UV system to disinfect their drinking water due to its low disinfection by-products and reliable virus inactivation. Atlantium's UV technology is validated and offers stable and efficient water treatment solutions.

Discover how a Coca-Cola plant in the Philippines resolved microbiological contamination with Atlantium's UV system. 

In this case study, read how the Lunenburg Water District improved their water disinfection system with the installation of an Atlantium RZ300-11 HOD UV system. The system effectively disinfects water, meets future demands, and eliminates chlorine taste and odor.

The City of Bielefeld, Germany provides municipal utilities including electricity, natural gas, district heating, and water needs for a population of approximately 330,000. The municipality operates three gas-fired boilers with tapping turbines to feed into the district heating system that has a thermal peak load of 300 MW.

While the population of invasive mussels was very low along the Housatonic River in 2015, the population was expected to increase in the coming years. Firstlight Energy, a subsidiary of GDF Suez and operators of a number of hydroelectric facilities in Connecticut and Massachusetts, was concerned about the detrimental effect the anticipated increase would have on the cooling water systems of the Shepaug Hydroelectric Station.

Atlantium's HOD UV system was chosen by the US Bureau of Reclamation to prevent mussel fouling in dams. The system adjusts UV dose rate based on water quality and has been installed in multiple locations.

In this case study, learn why Hoover Dam installed Atlantium's HOD UV treatment system to protect its cooling water systems from Quagga mussels.

In this case study, read about how the US Army Corp of Engineers installed Hydro-Optic UV systems at Gavins Point Dam to protect turbines from invasive species. The system uses UV light to disinfect and has a TIR-based design for increased effectiveness.

In this case study, learn how a cottonseed processing facility in Texas successfully prevented biofouling in their RO membrane filtration system by installing the HOD UV technology from Atlantium.

In this case study, learn why Formosa Plastics Group in Taiwan used Atlantium Technologies' HOD UV system to protect RO membranes from biofouling, resulting in cost savings and plans for further installations.


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