Water & Wastewater Treatment News For The Food & Beverage Industry

  1. Good Neighbor Nicholas Meat LLC Installs Award-Winning GWE Technologies To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Its Processing Facility

    As part of a drive to upgrade their management of both liquid and solid wastes generated in their facility and greatly improve their overall environmental and energy footprint of their operations, Nicholas Meat LLC is installing an environmentally harmonious wastewater treatment system and award-winning waste-to-energy technology

  2. Veolia Launch New Online Marketplace For Organic Resources In The UK

    As part of the drive to increase the circular economy global resource management company, Veolia, is launching an online trading platform that makes it easier to sell and buy organic resources.

  3. Remnants Of Antibiotics Persist In Treated Farm Waste, Research Finds

    Each year, farmers in the U.S. purchase tens of millions of pounds of antibiotics that are approved for use in cows, pigs, fowl and other livestock.

  4. WPL Wins Wastewater Contract For Quorn Plant

    WPL has won the contract for wastewater treatment equipment to support expansion of the Quorn production line for Marlow Foods’ Teesside plant.

  5. UV Disinfection Equipment Market Size Worth $6.42B By 2022: Grand View Research, Inc.

    The global UV disinfection equipment market is expected to reach USD 6.42 billion by 2022, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Growing consumer awareness regarding the technology coupled with high investments by governments across the globe to employ advanced water treatment technologies to ensure safe drinking water supply is expected to drive demand.

  6. World Water Day: PepsiCo And The Nature Conservancy Announce New Water Conservation Projects In Southwestern States

    To mark World Water Day this week, PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy today announced new projects to conserve and replenish water in the Southwestern United States, marking the next stage of their multi-year national collaboration.

  7. EPA Settles With Dole Food Company To Close Illegal Cesspools

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently announced a settlement with Dole Food Co. Inc. for failing to close two large-capacity cesspools (LCC) at its Puuiki Beach Park property on Oahu.

  8. UK Water Drinks Approach 4,000 Million Litres

    UK consumption of water drinks rose 7% in 2017 to nearly 4,000 million litres, with a retail value of £3.1B, according to a new report from global food and drink experts Zenith.

  9. Industry Response To Research Claiming To Have Found Microplastic Particles In Bottled Water

    The non-peer reviewed study released by Orb Media is not based on sound science, and there is no scientific consensus on testing methodology or the potential health impacts of microplastic particles. Therefore, this study’s findings do nothing more than unnecessarily scare consumers.

  10. New Landia Mixing And Aeration Solution For Poultry Plant Effluent

    Landia has won an important new order to supply stainless steel mixers to a large poultry plant in the West Midlands, where previous equipment had failed due to corrosion.