FEDI-2HF- Fractional Electrodeionization

Source: QUA Group LLC
FEDI-2HF- Fractional Electrodeionization

FEDI® stacks are designed to produce high purity water up to 18 M Ω .m using a patented process with double sets of electrodes per stack. FEDI® replaces mixed bed technology and produces pure water continuously without the use of regeneration chemicals. Applications include the semiconductor, power, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

Features FEDI-2HF

The stacks are designed for operation after double pass reverse osmosis. The stack has ability to produce high purity water with high flow rate using "Split Flow EDI" Technology.

  • High stack flow up to 8.4 m3/hr (37 gpm)
  • Superior product quality up to 16
  • Low voltage requirement
  • Meets water specifications for high pressure boilers and gas turbines