Capital Controls® Series 200 Vacuum Gas Feeders

Source: De Nora

ADVANCE™ Series 200 gas feeders are designed for or automatic gas regulation. Automatic operation requires a simple addition of a motorized control valve.

Easy to install, for indoor or outdoor installation, each 200 Series feeder is factory tested and needs no field adjustment prior to start-up. Ten different flowmeter capacities provide versatility in meeting gas flow requirements. Feeders mount directly on the gas valve of a cylinder, ton container or manifold utilizing a lead gasketed positive yoke clamp. Diaphragm ejectors are standard with a choice of diffuser outlets. As an option, a variety of different ejectors are available to meet your application needs.

A 200 Series gas feeder consists of a vacuum regulator, flowmeter with rate valve, ejector or chemical induction unit and vacuum and vent tubing to make a complete system.