Water & Wastewater Treatment News For The Food & Beverage Industry

  1. 3 Denver Breweries On Tap To Brew Colorado’s First Beer From Recycled Water For The Promotion Of Direct Potable Reuse

    Colorado-based engineering firm CH2M is changing the way we think about water. Earlier this month, purified water was delivered to three breweries earmarked to become Colorado’s first to produce craft beer sourced from recycled community wastewater.

  2. WE&RF Awards Research Contract To Develop Alternative Sustainable Business Cases For Co-Digestion

    The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) recently awarded a contract to the Environmental Law Institute to begin Food Waste Co-Digestion at Wastewater Resource Recovery Facilities: Business Case Analysis (ENER19C17).

  3. Endress+Hauser Releases FMR6x 80 GHz Radar Level Instrument

    Endress+Hauser introduces the 80 GHz Micropilot FMR6x free space radar level instrument for process applications. It is suitable for use in tanks or silos with complex geometries, obstacles, baffles and/or nozzles. Its small beam angle of only 3 degrees provides level measurement at distances up to 410 feet with accuracy to ±1mm 

  4. NETZSCH Expands Grinding Technology With New N.Mac Twin Shaft Grinder

    NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC, experts in solutions designed specifically for difficult pumping applications, announces the new N.Mac Twin Shaft Grinder, designed to protect pumps and processes.

  5. Public/Private Partnership Benefits Ken's Foods And City Of Lebanon, IN

    RETTEW is part of an initial agreement targeted to build a 160,000-gallon-per-day high-strength wastewater pretreatment facility, in partnership with the City of Lebanon, Indiana, PACE Energy, and Ken’s Foods Inc.

  6. New Report Ranks Largest Global Food Companies On Water Risk Management As Climate Change Impacts Accelerate

    Climate change is making water one of the biggest risks to the $5T food industry, whether from epic flooding or prolonged drought.

  7. Advanced Water Treatment Technology Drives Green Dairy Processes

    Up to one billion litres of milk a year are processed and packaged by the dairy industry, using energy and water intensive procedures that produce hundreds of cubic metres of high strength wastewater every day.

  8. Alchemist Brewery Receives Award For Wastewater Treatment Implementation

    Alchemy Holding, LLC, Stowe Brewery located in Stowe, VT was recently awarded the Outstanding Industrial Facility Award by the Green Mountain Water Environment Association for its commitment to clean water and pollution prevention, including implementation of water or wastewater treatment changes to address frequent issues that arise within similar industries.

  9. AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge Winners Announced

    The Arizona Pure Water Brew Challenge – a yearlong campaign aimed at changing the public’s perception on recycled water – culminated September 10 at the 32nd WateReuse Symposium in Phoenix, crowning Dragoon Brewing Company’s Clear Water Pilsner as the winning brew.

  10. Seismic Brewing Company, Barrel Brothers Brewing Company, And Cambrian Innovation Partner To Brew Beer With Reclaimed Process Water

    Seismic Brewing Company, Barrel Brothers Brewing Company, and Cambrian Innovation today announced the release of two new collaboration beers brewed to advance the discussion of brewing with reclaimed brewery process water.