Capital Controls® Series 70CV2000 Chloromatic™ Gas Control Valve

Source: De Nora

The Series 70CV2000 Chloromatic™ control valve is wall mounted and responds to control signals from a water flow transmitter and/or a chlorine residual analyzer controller. Valve characteristics are provided to directly accept a pacing signal proportional to flow.

Automatic control eliminates the need for continuous operator monitoring and manual adjustment of the gas feed rate with changes in flow, especially where chemical discharge levels are regulated. And since manual system feed rates are based on peak flows, automatic feed reduces gas consumption.

Similar units of different materials may be used for feeding ammonia, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide gases. The maximum capacities for these feeders are approximately 50%, 75%, and 100% respectively of the chlorinator capacity; e.g., the ammonia feeder is rated at 250 lb/day maximum.