Aqua ElectrOzone™ Ozone Generation System

Aqua ElectrOzone™ Ozone Generation System

Ozone treatment for water and wastewater has been utilized successfully for several decades and continues to be a viable disinfection solution for both municipal and industrial plants, worldwide.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems is pleased to partner with Metawater, Co., Ltd., a leading ozone provider and developer of MicroGap™ glass-lined dielectric core technology with more than 800 installed systems, worldwide. This partnership allows Aqua-Aerobic to build on the company’s expertise and experience in ozone treatment while providing our customers with another quality product solution, the Aqua ElectrOzone™ Ozone Generation System.

Designed for safe operation and effective treatment, the Aqua ElectrOzone System is a reliable treatment solution with a proven track record. The system’s high efficiency is based on advanced technology including the Metawater MicroGap™ Core Technology which provides the longest life for current dielectric designs.

Markets Served

  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Wastewater/ Water Reuse
  • Industrial Applications


  • Taste and Odor Control
    Oxidation and decomposition of dissolved components into tasteless and odorless soluble substances.
  • Bleaching/Color Removal
    Coloring components such as pigments and humic substance are decomposed and bleached.
  • Oxidation
    Effective for decomposition of harmful substances and various types of cleansing.
  • Disinfection
    Virus, bacteria and fungi are disinfected and made inert