Water Scarcity News Features

  1. Obama Admin ‘Nudges Forward’ Big Water Tunnels In California

    As the Obama years come to an end, administration officials are working to support the controversial California tunnel proposal as one of their acts in office.

  2. Tennessee Utilities Seek Backup Amid Drought

    The dry spell in Tennessee has utility officials looking for ways to secure their supplies in case the conditions persist.

  3. New Jersey Utilities Already Prepping For Summer Water Use

    It’s still scarf and mitten season in New Jersey, but water utilities are already preparing for a difficult challenge on the horizon: the summer months.

  4. Millionaires Brew Up Court Fight Over Tiered Rates

    In the San Francisco Bay Area, a fight over water rates has flared up and it’s a clash of millionaires versus local political officials.

  5. World’s First DPR Plant Inspires U.S. Water Managers

    With few exceptions, direct potable reuse (DPR) has not been adopted by U.S. water suppliers yet, besides tiny regions of Texas that relied on this water recycling method to survive the recent drought. Several states, including California, are still working on regulatory changes that would make this technology permissible.

  6. Connecticut Seeks To Crack Down On Exports To Bottled Water Company

    In an effort that is opposed by water companies, Connecticut regulators are trying to restrict water exports in the drought-plagued state.

  7. Water Reductions Leave Foul Taste In California Water

    Water reductions at a major California reservoir have left some ratepayers with “nasty-tasting” water.

  8. California Employs Drones As Drought-Relief Tool

    California researchers are investigating how aerial imagery shot by drones help can stave off the effects of the state’s protracted drought.

  9. Navajo Nation Files $160M Claim For Mine Spill

    The Navajo Nation is seeking more than $160 million from the federal government for damages tied to last year’s Gold King Mine disaster in Colorado.

  10. What Does Trump’s EPA Pick Mean For Water Regulations?

    President-elect Donald Trump has selected Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the U.S. EPA, the federal agency with jurisdiction over water and wastewater regulations.