Water Scarcity News Features

  1. Drought Fosters Water Alliance Between States

    The drought in the Southwest — where long-term water supply challenges are looming — has officials in several states looking to share water.

  2. What A Trump Presidency Means For Water Management, Infrastructure

    What does a Trump administration, paired with Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress, mean for water policy?

  3. New California Law May Unleash ‘Billions Of Dollars’ For Water

    California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in October expanding the scope of what is considered water infrastructure in the state.

  4. San Diego Accelerates Water Reuse Plans

    San Diego has big ambitions for recycled water, and the city took steps in October to accelerate its plans.

  5. Arizona Preps For Climate Change To Strain Water Supplies Even More

    Arizona water suppliers say they are already preparing for changes in the climate that will strain water resources and make some parts of the state more vulnerable to drought.

  6. Drought Warning Issued In New Jersey Counties

    The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) declared a drought warning for 14 state counties stemming from tumultuous rainfall deficits and minimal water supplies.

  7. Beer Handout At Center Of New DPR Campaign

    The latest public-relations strategy for direct potable reuse (DPR) is simple: Give people beer.

  8. Water Outshines Trump/Clinton As California Election Issue

    In drought-plagued regions of California, the political conversation is dominated by something other than Trump and Clinton.

  9. Drought Divides New Jersey

    North Jerseyans call it “wawder.” South Jerseyans say “wudder.” But the differences between these two halves of the state, as far as water goes, run deeper than pronunciation: The availability of the substance also varies starkly.

  10. L.A. Officials Want State Support For Recycled Water Ambitions

    Los Angeles has big aspirations for recycled water and it is trying to get state regulators to lend financial support for its big ideas rather than simply supporting small-scale projects.