Water Scarcity News Features

  1. Water Issues Force Border Officials To Cooperate

    One issue that that continually brings Mexican and U.S. officials to the deliberation table is water.

  2. Source Water Project In Mojave Desert, Blocked By Obama, May Be Revived

    The Trump administration took action last week that could pave the way for a controversial water project in a California desert that had been halted under President Obama.

  3. California’s Water Utilities Prepare For New Water Loss Law

    California water utilities will need to report water loss figures to the state under a new law that aims to reduce non-revenue water and conserve resources.

  4. Three Oregon Bills Aim To Fend Off Water Shortages

    As the prospect of water shortages stares down various regions of the country, Oregon is considering a suite of water bills designed to address groundwater problems.

  5. Suez Boss Sees Water Becoming More Valuable Than Oil

    Describing the rationale for diving deeper into the industrial water market, the chief executive of water giant Suez Environment is stressing water scarcity as a pressing global problem.

  6. Trump Backed Cali Desal, But Hurdles Remain

    Does California need another seawater desalination plant?

  7. Recycled Wastewater Ambitions Hit Snag In San Diego

    San Diego officials want to serve up treated sewage water to customers’ taps within the next decade, but officials in neighboring cities are wary of the effort.

  8. San Francisco To Diversify Drinking Water

    San Francisco is trying a new recipe for tap water.

  9. Georgia Scores Victory In Water War With Florida

    Georgia scored a critical court victory in the latest round of its lengthy water war with Florida.

  10. As California Sinks, Officials Seek To Limit Groundwater Pumping

    New data released by NASA shows that parts of California are sinking rapidly, and state water managers say groundwater over-pumping must be restricted to protect aqueducts and flood control structures.