Water Scarcity News Features

  1. Desalination A Winner In California Drought

    A major consequence of the California drought is that the state may become more reliant on brackish-water desalination.

  2. San Antonio Utility Opens Giant Desal Plant

    The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) unveiled the second-largest desalination plant in Texas at the end of January.

  3. With Rainfall, California Water Utilities Lobby For Regulation Lifts

    As California gets soaked in rain, water utilities are lobbying state officials to lift regulations — a move that would likely benefit water suppliers across the state.

  4. Water Districts React As California Gets Rain

    It’s raining in California. Is the drought over?

  5. As California Is Flooded With Rain, Managers Look To Capture It

    Water managers say underground water storage is vital as California and other drought-plagued areas seek to capitalize on rain when it comes.

  6. California Regulators Release Official Report On DPR

    As 80 percent of California continues to languish in drought conditions, state regulators are a step closer to allowing the practice of direct potable reuse (DPR).

  7. Austin Undertakes Major Rate Structure Study

    Officials in Austin are undertaking a major review of how customers pay for water.

  8. Obama Admin ‘Nudges Forward’ Big Water Tunnels In California

    As the Obama years come to an end, administration officials are working to support the controversial California tunnel proposal as one of their acts in office.

  9. Tennessee Utilities Seek Backup Amid Drought

    The dry spell in Tennessee has utility officials looking for ways to secure their supplies in case the conditions persist.

  10. New Jersey Utilities Already Prepping For Summer Water Use

    It’s still scarf and mitten season in New Jersey, but water utilities are already preparing for a difficult challenge on the horizon: the summer months.