Water Scarcity News Features

  1. Wastewater-To-Agriculture Project Is First Of Its Kind

    Water recycling for agricultural use is about to get a major boost through a massive reuse project in California that marks some first-evers.

  2. Utah Faces Challenges In Water Data Reporting Effort

    As Utah struggles with water scarcity, the state is having trouble with a key tool for managing this issue: water data.

  3. California Courts Trump For Drought-Stemming Tunnel Project

    California Governor Jerry Brown is lobbying the Trump administration on a massive water project he hopes to implement in his state.

  4. Potential Desal Competitor Uses Graphene Oxide

    Existing desalination systems may have a new competitor: the graphene-based sieve.

  5. Is Getting Great Lakes Water To The Southwest Just A Pipedream?

    Are the Great Lakes the best hope for water security in the perennially parched Southwest?

  6. Utilities Fear Trump Will Cut WaterSense Program

    Water utilities are advocating for the federal government to retain the U.S. EPA’s signature water conservation program despite proposed budget cuts from President Trump.

  7. Ted Cruz’s Water Security Bill Could Invite Invasive Species

    Is Senator Ted Cruz paving the way for invasive species to storm water sources in Texas?

  8. Water Issues Force Border Officials To Cooperate

    One issue that that continually brings Mexican and U.S. officials to the deliberation table is water.

  9. Source Water Project In Mojave Desert, Blocked By Obama, May Be Revived

    The Trump administration took action last week that could pave the way for a controversial water project in a California desert that had been halted under President Obama.

  10. California’s Water Utilities Prepare For New Water Loss Law

    California water utilities will need to report water loss figures to the state under a new law that aims to reduce non-revenue water and conserve resources.