Water Scarcity News Features

  1. New Mexico, Texas Water War Heads To Supreme Court

    Texas and New Mexico may fight it out at the Supreme Court next year in a conflict over groundwater pumping along the state border and the control of the Rio Grande.

  2. California Delta Tunnels Project Hits Snags

    The controversial water infrastructure proposal from California Governor Jerry Brown, billed as a solution to the state’s significant water challenges, has hit some snags in recent weeks.

  3. Massive Las Vegas Pipeline Plan Needs More Work

    A controversial proposal for a massive pipeline to bring water to Las Vegas has hit some turbulence.

  4. California Tunnels Project Will Mean Rate Increases

    The controversial Delta tunnels water infrastructure project supported by California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to raise water bills for customers in parts of the state.

  5. U.S. And Mexico Agree On Colorado River Deal

    It is a tough moment for U.S. relations with Mexico as the two sides disagree about the merits of a border wall. But when it comes to water, the two nations still enjoy a functional relationship.

  6. California To Regulate Marijuana Wastewater

    California regulators are getting closer to regulating waste discharges by marijuana growers.

  7. North Dakota Governor Declares Drought Disaster

    With nearly all of North Dakota languishing in drought conditions, Governor Doug Burgum has declared a disaster in his state.

  8. With Newfound Water, Los Angeles Reboots Unused System

    Restoring unused infrastructure is at the heart of a plan by Los Angeles officials to bring more drinkable water to the region and ensure water security for years to come.

  9. Utah May Spend Over $1 Billion On Lake Pipeline

    It’s crunch time for water planning in Utah, where top officials are trying to devise a blueprint for maintaining water security into 2060.

  10. As Lake Mead Struggles, Arizona Faces Water Cutbacks

    Water woes at Lake Mead, the nation’s largest reservoir, could have a bigger impact on Arizona than on any of the other states that it serves.