Latest Insights On Consumer Outreach

  1. Pipeline Replacement Reality Check

    How much pipeline repair will competing priorities, resource limitations, and public tolerance allow? Try 1 percent annually — if you're as good as DC Water. CEO and General Manager George Hawkins shares advice that has helped his utility double the national average for pipeline replacement.

  2. Award-Winning Videos On Stormwater Best Practices

    Unlike Hollywood, big-budget projects are hard to come by in public works. So when it comes to stormwater, the community relies on the combined efforts from an ‘ensemble’ cast of characters to help prevent pollution — as seen on StormTV.

  3. Joining The Fight Against ‘Flushables’

    The “flushables” scourge has cost utilities all over the world millions of dollars and countless hours of maintenance. Some groups are attacking the problem at its source.

  4. Utilities Under Fire: Why Rate Hikes Are A Scary Proposition

    A true story (and disturbing image) of rate-increase resistance from the front lines

  5. What Happens When Conservation Leaves Revenue Short?

    Citing a $380 million need for infrastructure improvements and treatment costs, the LADWP Commissioners approved a “pass-throsource-water-scarcityugh charge” of $1.80 more a month for the average consumer, to begin next year and last until 2017.

  6. Jersey Strong: A Q&A With Public Utility Commissioner Mary-Anna Holden

    Commissioner Mary-Anna Holden has been on the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities since 2012. As a mayor and councilwoman of Madison, NJ for 14 years, Holden chaired the water and wastewater utilities.

  7. 5 On 5: Water Leaders Address Key Industry Challenges

    At a recent panel event, five of the top utility professionals in North America tackled five hot topics in water and wastewater.

  8. Boston Water’s Revenue Protection Division: To Protect And Serve

    Non-revenue drinking water is usually the result of leakage and spills caused by worn or neglected infrastructure. On the mean streets of Boston, a revenue loss task force grapples with these challenges, plus the threat posed by enterprising criminals.

  9. Beat The Heat: How To Fight Fire Hydrant Abuse

    To overheated summer residents, they are a free trip to the waterpark. To utilities, they seem more like a flood of money spilling down the street. Any way you look at it, an illegally opened fire hydrant is a lot of lost water.

  10. Industry Leaders Communicate Value Of Water

    Before the water industry can integrate drought solutions, fight against infrastructure decay, or collect metering data, consumers need to understand why those things matter when they turn on the faucet.