leadCAST - Lead Management Software For Utilities

Source: Trinnex

A management system for Lead & Copper Rule programs built by water engineers. With leadCAST, you’ll have everything related to your lead service line replacement program in one place. Access and share at your desk, on the go, and with the community.

Making Lead Pipes A Thing Of The Past

Smarter management of your Lead and Copper Rule program

Track inventory, sampling results, and communication with residents in a single system. You’ll have current and unified information at hand throughout the program.

Assess the status of your replacement program

Visualize the latest program status, track your progress toward goals, and measure performance. Share the good news with your community as you march towards getting the lead out.

Improved accountability and minimized risk

leadCAST helps you maintain compliance with the Lead & Copper Rule, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. And, it tracks communication with residents and addresses customer complaints during or after construction.

Features & Functionality