Latest Insights On Consumer Outreach

  1. Water Preservation And Conservation Aided By Intelligent Software

    According to Ian MacLeod, water preservation and water conservation are all about accountability. Consumers being held accountable to conserve. And utilities are recognizing the need to effectively preserve the water they treat.

  2. Intelligent Metering Paves Way For Water Efficiency

    When it comes to metering, simple is best. Meters that have no moving parts are more accurate in low flow applications, explains Torsten Hagele of Diehl Metering in an interview with Water Online Radio.

  3. AMI, Analytics, And The Smart City Evolution

    The global utility industry is at a technology tipping point, says Joe Ball, the director of product marketing for Water North America for Itron. In his interview with Water Online Radio, Ball talks innovation and how to provide ratepayers with the technology they want.

  4. ACE14: Water Solutions For Any Size Utility

    What follows is an attempt to bring order to chaos, as well as a snapshot of the water industry’s most pressing challenges.

  5. Social Media For Utilities: How To Connect With Ratepayers On Twitter, Facebook

    Utilities all over the world are discovering that social media can be an effective, and often necessary, tool to communicate with ratepayers.

  6. The 4 Biggest Myths About Smart Meters

    Smart meters are no doubt the way of the future. The efficiencies they bring to water distribution make widespread implementation all but inevitable. However, as with any advanced technology (especially in the water industry), there are bound to be starts and stops along the way.

  7. The Book On Consumer Outreach For Utilities

    Many utilities have either waded or jumped headlong into customer communications and social media. But is any of it useful?

  8. Pump Stations Go Undercover (And Viral)

    For all the expert and vital work done in the water, wastewater, and stormwater industries, it generally doesn’t make great party conversation. Unfortunately, the efforts are so taken for granted that they go largely unnoticed by the general public. So how is it that a YouTube video about a pump station garners nearly million views and counting?

  9. Taking Water From Invisible To Invaluable: 27 Communication Objectives

    As demands on the water sector increase, leaders interested in shaping the future of water management are pushing the notion that water is water, whether its drinking water, stormwater or wastewater. Doing so, according to the experts, encourages "comprehensive thinking, planning and management of our waters on a transformational scale. By Donna Vincent Roa, PhD, ABC, CSR-P

  10. 3 Tips For Utilities On Effective Consumer Outreach

    Common understanding of the role water and wastewater utilities play in our daily lives is essential for the successful and sustainable management of water and financial resources. No one knows this better than drought-plagued California. Here are a few tips for teaching the value of water, inspired by a state that’s running out of it.