Latest Insights On Consumer Outreach

  1. 5 On 5: Water Leaders Address Key Industry Challenges

    At a recent panel event, five of the top utility professionals in North America tackled five hot topics in water and wastewater.

  2. Boston Water’s Revenue Protection Division: To Protect And Serve

    Non-revenue drinking water is usually the result of leakage and spills caused by worn or neglected infrastructure. On the mean streets of Boston, a revenue loss task force grapples with these challenges, plus the threat posed by enterprising criminals.

  3. Beat The Heat: How To Fight Fire Hydrant Abuse

    To overheated summer residents, they are a free trip to the waterpark. To utilities, they seem more like a flood of money spilling down the street. Any way you look at it, an illegally opened fire hydrant is a lot of lost water.

  4. Industry Leaders Communicate Value Of Water

    Before the water industry can integrate drought solutions, fight against infrastructure decay, or collect metering data, consumers need to understand why those things matter when they turn on the faucet.

  5. Water Consumption Data Driving Major Change in Water Consumer Behavior

    Getting consumers to buy in to the value of water has always been tricky. Many people have been hearing messages about saving water for years but to little effect.

  6. 2015 State Of The Water Industry, Or Groundhog Day?

    Each year, AWWA publishes their State Of The Water Industry report, which is a direct reflection of its members’ concerns via survey responses. I keep waiting to be surprised by the results, but the fateful moment of review feels something more like the movie Groundhog Day — reliving the same experience over and over.

  7. Matt Damon Wants You To 'Buy A Lady A Drink'

    Oscar-winner and A-list actor Matt Damon was at the Sundance Film Festival recently, and he used the platform not to announce his next movie role, but rather his latest initiative as co-founder of

  8. Bill Gates Drinks Poop Water, Serves Notice

    Credit where it’s due: I didn’t develop the information I’m sharing — but it’s too good to merely retweet or “like.” My enthusiasm stems from one of the world's most famous, influential, and capable people bringing widespread attention to typically underappreciated water issues.

  9. The Utility Response To Terrorism

    Here’s a bit of information that I hope you never need to reference again, but you should be aware as a matter of preparedness.

  10. The Surprising Money-Saving Solution For Utilities

    At first glance, promoting conservation would seem like a poor financial decision for utilities to make. Less water use equals less money right? Not always.