Application Note

North Las Vegas Puts Advanced Wastewater Treatment To Work

Source: Hach

The North Las Vegas Water Reclamation Facility treats an average of 17 million gallons a day (MGD) of wastewater through an advanced nutrient removal process with subsequent membrane filtration. The utility’s process control enables treatment effluent exceeding typical environmental standards and allows discharge to Lake Meade, where it subsequently is withdrawn and fully treated by other facilities for drinking water distribution.

The utility chose a sophisticated automatic monitoring and control solution, the Real-Time Control System for Phosphorus Removal (RTC-P) from Hach Company, to help optimize treatment and enable efficient water recovery. The solution routinely helps the utility save treatment costs, and it has proved its worth by detecting and correcting a treatment system upset—and allowing uninterrupted compliance with the facility's daily total phosphorus discharge limit. Since installation, the system has saved significant treatment costs, including more than a 50% reduction in ferric chloride usage.