1. Lessons On Rightsizing Water And Sewer Infrastructure Projects

    Two case studies prove that the key to cost-effective condition assessment is choosing the right approach for your system.

  2. Construction Management At Risk: Rebuilding Infrastructure Through Collaboration

    What’s so great about construction management at risk (CMAR)? The story of Fremont, OH — and a description of four key CMAR benefits — sheds light on the alternative delivery method.

  3. The Case For Condition Assessment

    The need for using condition assessment as part of an overall asset management program has been documented over the past two decades, but the value of this work for the cost has eluded many utilities.

  4. Innovations Bring Southern Delivery System Online On Time And Under Budget

    Colorado Springs Utilities creates the modern-day blueprint for pipeline project delivery with the timely completion of the historic Southern Delivery System.

  5. Coming To Pass: Perspective On The Water Resources Development Act (WRDA)

    Do you see the glass half empty or half full? This classic pessimism vs. optimism litmus test may also dictate how you see the passage of WRDA — the water infrastructure funding bill that passed through Congress with ease in September, albeit in different versions for the Senate and the House of Representatives and still awaiting finalization.

  6. Public Notice: Best Practices For CSO Alerts

    Jersey Water Works, a new collaborative, works to catalyze best practices in combined sewer overflow (CSO) reduction and notification in New Jersey.

  7. Kansas City’s Billion-Dollar Smart Infrastructure Challenge

    Missouri’s largest city is betting that the next generation of water distribution pipelines — smarter, stronger, and highly sustainable — is well worth the investment.

  8. Digging The District’s 21st Century Sewer System

    Spearheaded by three strong “ladies” and plenty of vision, DC Water’s Clean Rivers Project creates massive tunnels to rid the city of combined sewer overflows.

  9. Solving Sewer Overflows: Green Or Gray, WERF Shows The Way

    A leading research organization investigates wet weather strategies to help municipalities make informed decisions about stormwater management.