Industrial Water and Wastewater Products

  1. Thermo Scientific AquaSensors DataStick AquaClear Low-Range Turbidimeter
    The AquaClear drinking water turbidimeter is part of the DataStick family of products. The DataStick can be used with any sensor head by Thermo Scientific and can communicate directly with industrial computer systems using any of the communications adapters offered.
  2. Promag P 200

    The device with genuine two-wire technology and for minimized cost of ownership

  3. TechPro II™
    The redesigned TechPro II™ TP1 (formerly AR1 - TDS/COND/TEMP), TH1(formerly PH1- ph), and TPH1 (formerly ARH1 - TDS/COND/pH/Temp) models include greatly improved features and performance. Features to include advanced microelectronics, easy keypad calibration, memory and a waterproof enclosure
  4. Grundfos PACOpaQ HVAC Packaged Systems

    Grundfos’ PACO brand is the preferred choice of centrifugal pumps for many market applications, including HVAC, plumbing, recreation, waterworks, wastewater, irrigation and agriculture, aquaculture, steel mills and power plants. Nearly all PACO products are custom designed to provide a perfect fit for the customers’ applications. PACO’s innovative designs and intensive engineering efforts translate into lower initial cost, longer pump life, reduced operating and maintenance costs, maximum efficiency and reliability, and quieter operation for the end user.

  5. Filtration And Separation Solutions

    Veolia Water Technologies combines innovative technology with industry experience to provide economical and effective operation of filtration and water treatment applications.

  6. Instrumentation: OPTIFLUX 1000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
    The OPTIFLUX 1000 electromagnetic flow sensor is an economical solution for a wide range of applications. The flowmeter can be used in applications (including various aqueous solutions), where other measurement techniques were previously used.
  7. Digester Gas Flow Meter Model ST51

    Plant engineers responsible for improving digester processes or utilizing the biogas as a fuel source will find the new Model ST51 Mass Flow Meter from Fluid Components International is designed as an application-specific solution to meet their unique needs.

  8. Flygt Centrifugal Grinder Pumps By Xylem

    The Flygt 3000 series of centrifugal grinder pumps are high-efficiency pumps suitable for handling solids-bearing liquids in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.

  9. PetroSorb™ Activated Carbons For Oil And Gas Processing

    As refinery operations are forced to generate more product output from marginal raw material sources with aging equipment, the requirement to maintain an acceptable quality of processing chemicals becomes more difficult. Activated carbon used in a fixed bed can continuously treat process chemicals, either in full or in a partial treatment stream to restore their properties in line with virgin product. This greatly enhances the economy of the production process and permits the conversion of more heavily contaminated resources that were previously difficult to exploit.

  10. Mighty Mike® Biodegradable Cleaners & Laundry Detergent

    We continuously strive to make the safest and most effective cleaners on the market. Our Mighty Mike® cleaners were originally designed to comply with required strict effluent standards of the marine marketplace and textile industries. Cleaners must comply to biodegradable standards for use with biological wastewater/sewage treatment systems to not cause upset conditions for treatment water quality.