Municipal And Industrial Markets In Canada

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Veolia Water Technologies Canada is a Canadian Water and Biomethanisation expert, and a trusted partner in the Mining, Food & Beverage, as well as headworks and CSO in North America.

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Contact Information:
Nadine Mourad
4105 Sartelon Street,
St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
H4S 2B3
Tel: (514) 334-7230
Fax: (514) 334-5070

Veolia Water Technologies Canada is a specialist in the treatment of potable water, process water, wastewater and stormwater management serving municipalities and industries since 1948. With state-of-the-art technologies, efficient products and a team of seasoned professionals, Veolia Water Technologies Canada designs solutions to perfectly match the customers' needs.




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John Meunier Pretreatment Products & Solutions Brochure: Cont-Flo® Type ER Multi-Rake Bar Screen
Brochure: Mectan Induced Vortex Grit Chamber Brochure: ESCALATOR® Fine Screen
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Datasheet: HYDROVEX® FluidGate Control Valve Datasheet: HYDROVEX® Pond Vertical Vortex Flow Regulator

Datasheet: HYDROVEX® Tipper Flow Measuring Device Datasheet: HYDROVEX® VHV / SVHV Vertical Vortex Flow Regulator

Datasheet: HYDROVEX® IHV Euro-Type Vortex Flow Regulator Brochure: HYDROVEX® BW Bending Weir
Brochure: SAM®GFW Series Grit Washer With Shaftless Screw  


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