Industrial Water and Wastewater Products

  1. Flygt Small & Medium Centrifugal Pumps by Xylem

    The Flygt 3000 Series of small and medium-sized pumps is used in a variety of applications and covers an extensive performance range.


    Actiflo™ is a compact process that operates with microsand (Actisand™) as a seed for floc formation. Actisand™ provides surface area that enhances flocculation and also acts as a ballast or weight to aid a rapid settlement

  3. Thermo Scientific AquaSensors DataStick Suspended Solids Measurement System
    Connect this Suspended Solids (TSS) sensor directly to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for seamless integration with industrial control systems. Use any computer to display data, calibrate and customize the measurement without an intermediate analyzer electronics box.
  4. OPUS® Technology - Optimized Pretreatment and Unique Separation Technology

    OPUS technology combines a proprietary high rate chemical softening process, MULTIFLO, with filtration, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis operated at an elevated pH in single-pass or double-pass mode to generate high effluent water quality suitable for discharge, recycle or reuse.

  5. Advanced Dissolved Gas Control

    3M Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors can reduce operating costs, lower maintenance, and simplify dissolved gas control using a small device that enables high performance and compact system design.

  6. Flygt 5100/5150 Series Slurry Pumps by Xylem

    This range of Flygt rugged and reliable pumps is designed for use in the most abrasive applications where the transportation of solids is the main operation and the water is merely the carrying media.

  7. Microfiltration Performance That Maintains Wine Quality

    3M Liqui-Flux - Modules are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials to meet various needs in beverage clarification.

  8. Laser Level Transmitter LLT100

    The LLT100 is a high performance laser transmitter that accurately measures level, distance and position over short and long ranges. It is a non-contact, level measuring instrument designed for industrial applications and harsh environments.

  9. MicroVantage™ PDA & PDH Series

    Absolute and High Efficiency Rated Melt-Blown Depth Cartridges


    NEOSEP® is a new generation membrane bioreactor that uses enhanced biological treatment (activated sludge) and immersed membrane filtration to produce water quality suitable for recycle and reuse in municipal and industrial applications.