Industrial Water and Wastewater Products

  1. Thermo Scientific AquaSensors DataStick pH Measurement System
    Connect this pH sensor directly to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for seamless integration with industrial control systems. Use any computer to display data, calibrate and customize the measurement without an intermediate analyzer electronics box.
  2. Quality OEM Membrane Filtration Products For Integration Into End-User Filtration Devices

    MicroPES® and DuraPES® membranes are high performance, asymmetric membranes. These membranes, which show excellent retention characteristics and high throughput, are used in many microfiltration applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food & beverage, microelectronics and chemical industries.

  3. Liquiline CM448

    Liquiline CM44 is a digital multiparameter controller for process monitoring and control in industrial and environmental applications.

  4. Ecosorb® Spray Gel®

    A special spray gel formulation of Ecosorb® odor eliminator topically encapsulates material, blocking odors from escaping into the atmosphere. Ecosorb® Spray Gel® is an ideal solution for sludge handling and transportation, open-bed waste trucks, working faces of landfills, soil remediation projects, and other solid/semi-solid odorous materials that continuously emit odors.

  5. CoStrip™:

    Veolia’s patent-pending CoStrip degases raw water by introducing microbubbles of a stripping gas (air, nitrogen or fuel gas) counter-current to the liquid stream. First, the microbubbles are introduced into a series of chambers utilizing eductors. Next, they rise and capture dissolved gases due to the disequilibrium between the microbubble gases and the dissolved gases in the water.

  6. Flygt Dewatering by Xylem

    The Flygt Dewatering Division has an extensive inventory of submersible and diesel-driven pumps, generators, pipe, hose, valves, and fittings, plus all necessary hardware to tackle any bypass or dewatering project.

  7. Solutions for Water Treatment Skids - Reduce Cost and Improve Performance

    Festo has dedicated engineering resources to develop solutions specific to the water industry. The result has been some innovations that are unique to Festo and offer cost and efficiency benefits to companies building water treatment skids.

  8. SmartMOD®: Advanced Modularized Evaporation System For Oil Sands

    Aquatech has been providing integrated water treatment solutions to the oil and gas industry for more than 30 years, ensuring our customers’ production and refining processes operate in an efficient and safe manner.

  9. FlowTracker Handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter
    The SonTek/YSI FlowTracker Handheld ADV is a compact, hand-held package to make accurate, high-precision water velocity measurements in natural streams, weirs/flumes, and open channels related to irrigation, stormwater, water treatment, and mining
  10. LMS200 Magnetic Level Gauge Switch

    Delivers leading-edge technology to the non-invasive switch market by facilitating accurate level measurement for oil & gas, chemical, and power generation applications.