Industrial Water and Wastewater Products

  1. ABB Ability™ For Pumping Stations

    Real-time control of a 360km water distribution system through an advanced distributed control system.

  2. Eclipse® 706 High Performance Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

    The NEW ECLIPSE Model 706 high performance transmitter is a loop-powered, 24 VDC level transmitter that is based upon the proven and increasingly accepted technology of guided wave radar (GWR).

  3. Promag H 200

    The device with genuine two-wire technology and for minimal flow rates.

  4. Electropneumatic Positioning Of Linear Gate Valve - DFPI

    Displacement encoder and optional positioner integrated Sturdy and compact housing for use outdoors.

  5. Liquiline CM444

    Liquiline CM44 is a digital multiparameter controller for process monitoring and control in industrial and environmental applications.

  6. Ultrafiltration Membrane System

    WesTech ultrafiltration offers a unique solution to exceed increasingly stringent water quality standards. Membranes with a small nominal pore size (0.01-0.02 μm) provide an absolute barrier to consistently produce high-quality water by removing microbial and viral pathogens, suspended solids, turbidity, precipitated iron and manganese, and coagulated organic matter.

  7. Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter

    Engineers with small line size processes rely on the versatile Wafer-Cone Flow Meter for superior accuracy and repeatability. The space-saving unit is easy to install. It’s ideal for tight-space installations and retrofits. It requires almost no maintenance. The Wafer-Cone further reduces life-cycle costs with a long life.

  8. TechPro II™

    The redesigned TechPro II™ TP1 (formerly AR1 - TDS/COND/TEMP), TH1(formerly PH1- ph), and TPH1 (formerly ARH1 - TDS/COND/pH/Temp) models include greatly improved features and performance. Features to include advanced microelectronics, easy keypad calibration, memory and a waterproof enclosure

  9. Capital Controls® CHLOR-A-VAC® Series 1420 Chemical Industion Unit

    The Series 1420 CHLOR-A-VAC® affords high efficiency addition and mixing of gases and liquid chemicals resulting in substantial chemical cost savings.

  10. microBLOX™ System

    microBLOX™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems are fully functional solutions to wastewater treatment problems and are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including, but not limited to: housing developments, state parks, rest areas, isolated communities, military camps, shopping malls, golf courses, resorts, casinos, sewer mining (scalping), some industrial and more.