Equinox® Stabilizer

Source: Sigura
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Equinox® Stabilizer 15 is a non-biocidal halogen stabilizing solution, designed to optimize the availability of active chlorine sources (sodium hypochlorite) in high chlorine demand, industrial process water applications. Specifically recommended for use in the paper-making industry.

When used in combination with hypochlorite, Equinox Stabilizer 15 offers a number of benefits in handling and performance:

  • Optimizes the availability of hypochlorite for penetrating the sessile phase of the biofilm
  • Reduces potential for corrosion of equipment in the application area
  • Excellent compatibility with scale and corrosion inhibitors and optical brighteners
  • Reduces the consumption of sodium hypochlorite
  • Not a biocide: halogen stabilizer (stabilizes free halogens)
  • Does not require any special US DOT handling procedures or licenses
  • Reduces the pH sensitivity of halogens by expanding the pH range of active halogens
  • Produces a reduction of AOX in discharge

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