Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System

Source: Newterra Corporation
Trioval Oxidation.jpg

The Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System, named for our Aire-O2 Triton® in an oxidation oval, is a subsurface complete mix, looped reactor system that is ideal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. The energy efficient Aire-O2 Triton TR Series process aerator/mixer, combined with an optimized control strategy, allows for operation at depths as low as 4ft (1.2m) and up to 33ft (10m).

Why choose the Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System?

  • Independent aeration and mixing with one piece of equipment for biological nutrient removal
  • Simple, flexible operation with easy process control
  • Reduced power consumption with low cost of ownership
  • Minimal heat loss offers improved winter performance
  • Total reliability, quiet operation, and flexible design for restricted land requirements
  • Aire-O2 Triton Rentals available!


  • Full biological nutrient removal (BOD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus)
  • No aerosols or splashing
  • Complete mixing throughout the water column, eliminating solids settling
  • Additional equipment can be provided to create a system package including: controls, instrumentation, secondary clarifiers, and RAS/WAS pumps, and/or an aerobic digester

Ideal Solution for

  • Activated sludge treatment
  • Nitrification and denitrification
  • Enhanced biological phosphorus removal
  • New construction, upgrades, and retrofits