Emerging Pollutants: The Role Of Activated Carbons

Source: Jacobi Carbons Inc.

The presence of active pharmaceutical ingredients, radio-opaque substances and endocrine disrupting chemicals in raw water sources is a relatively new emerging issue in relation to drinking water quality. However, the influence of pollutants on health and general well-being is becoming apparent with the incidence of carcinoma increasing and fertility rates being affected. A solution for the efficient removal of these substances from water use by production sites is required.

A study for the removal of these micro pollutants by powdered activated carbon has recently been undertaken by the Biberach University of Applied Science, at a full-scale water production plant in southern Germany. Jacobi Carbons were requested to be involved in the project and to develop specific activated carbon grades that met the treatment objectives.

For the fifteen key pharmaceuticals present in water, at levels higher than the detection limit, the removal rate using the powdered activated carbon AquaSorb® CB1-MW is greater than 50%. In some instances, depending on the nature of the compound to be removed, the removal rate measured is up to 97%.