Drinking Water Case Studies and White Papers

  1. East Bay MUD Uses Custom Valve, Reduces Water Pressure And Gains Surge Protection

    As an engineer, your day-to-day responsibilities often include staying up to date on best-in-class applications and specifications. But whether you’re charged with designing a water treatment facility or pump station, or simply supervising an existing system, the equipment you select must be vetted. This is generally a challenge for engineers because many companies are vying to have their products deemed as the best solution, yet visibility into those claims is often limited.

  2. Working With Customers To Reduce Water Usage During California Drought

    In 2015, California entered the fourth year of a severe drought, the driest it has been since record keeping began in the late 1800s. This historic long-term drought is a problem for every American, regardless of where they live, because it has implications for the economy, society and environment.

  3. Case Study: Indian Chemical Company Chooses Aquatech’s Zero Liquid Discharge Solution
    Chemplast Sanmar Limited is the flagship company of the Sanmar Group, a leading industrial house in South India. They manufacture Chlorochemicals, PVC Resins, Caustic Soda / Chlorine, Chlorinated Solvents and Silicon Wafers.
  4. How To Best Reduce DBPs: A Comparison Of Centralized And Decentralized Treatment

    Air stripping and granulated activated carbon were applied at different points in the distribution system to evaluate effective removal of disinfection byproducts (DBPs). By Chandra Mysore, Ph.D., James Fletcher, Bill Roberts, and Mark Xerxis, GHD Inc.

  5. Drought Solutions Around The World

    Extremely vulnerable to climate change and water insecurity, Singapore innovating its way to being a leader in sustainable water solutions.

  6. MVC Evaporator Technology To Treat And Reuse Produced Water From A SAGD Facility

    The SAGD Facility is called "Orion" and consists of 4 major processes: Steam Generation, Injection/Recovery Wells, Deoiling and Water Purification, for recovery of oil. SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) is a technique to recover bitumen from the oil sands formation. By Aquatech International Corporation

  7. Reducing Costs of Steam Flow Measurement

    Traditionally, steam flow has been measured with a differential pressure device. This is typically an orifice plate. However, such devices are inherently volumetric flow measurements. As we have discussed in previous blog posts, changes in pressure and temperature will change the mass flow rate of steam.

  8. Zinc-Coated Water Pipe Now Available In U.S.; San Jose Water Company Among First To Install

    A contractor for San Jose Water Company in San Jose, California, has taken delivery of more than 3,000 feet of zinc-coated iron pipe from AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe, making it among the nation’s first utilities to install zinc-coated pipe.

  9. Biothane Delivers Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment To Veryfine Products

    Biothane’s turnkey project was designed to treat wastewater by providing a series of treatment processes. Pre-treatment consists of a bar screen, influent sump, grit removal and rotary screen to remove debris from the influent stream.

  10. Ultrasonic Vs. Radar Level Technology In The Water Industry

    In recent years, the debate about which technology is best suited for water and wastewater level measurement and monitoring is heating up. There are those who argue that ultrasonic level technology has been uncontested as the standard for level and open-channel measurement applications in the water industry.