Wastewater Case Studies and Whitepapers

  1. Aerzen Combines Blower Technology And A New Control System For Energy Saving Operation Even In Case Of Load Changes

    If modernizations in wastewater treatment plants are due, as a rule the permanently reducing limit values of ammonium, nitrate and phosphate are pushing the investment decisions.

  2. Pumps Reduce Costs, Improve Reliability, And Deliver Outstanding Energy Efficiency For Ohio WWTP

    An aging lift station in Marietta, OH, was the first of 12 stations to be upgraded as part of a capital improvement plan at the city’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

  3. MBBR/IFAS Upgrade To Dubai Investment Park

    Dubai Investments Park is a unique, self-contained mixed use industrial, commercial and residential complex operated by Dubai Investments Park Development Company LLC. Spread across an area of 3200 hectares, it is a city within a city offering world-class infrastructure and outstanding facilities and services.

  4. Energy And Resource Recovery: Generating Resources, Not Waste Streams

    “Sludge-to-energy” is trending in wastewater treatment, but what technologies have the most potential?

  5. Asset Inspections Are Optimal Tool For Maintenance And Capital Improvement

    Infrastructure asset inspection process is a tool that identifies deficiencies, creates backlog, establishes proactive maintenance, and monitors life cycles; as well as assists agencies in identifying projects for their Capital Improvement Program (CIP). These inspections can provide both a short-term benefit through work identification for repair and maintenance efforts and a long-term benefit of project identification of new capital improvements and enhancement. By Michael Garcia, PSM, Program Manager II , Seminole County Public Works and Chandra Greiner, CPM, Consultant, LA Consulting

  6. Cudo Stormwater Products - Shaping The Future Of Water Quality
    Cudo Stormwater Products, Inc. has launched a new approach to stormwater management, improving upon established technology with an easy to install and maintain system that addresses underground stormwater storage, infiltration, treatment, and rainwater harvesting. This innovative solution can be integrated into pre-designed bioretention systems or customized for new applications. By Kristar Enterprises, Inc.
  7. Revolutionary New Dif-Jet™ Deep Aeration System For Wastewater

    New aeration Systems offer a less expensive more energy efficient alternative to conventional aeration technology for wastewater, aquaculture and hydroponics.

  8. Creating Reusable Water From Municipal Sewage

    Al Shamal is the capital city of the municipality of Madinat ash Shamal in Qatar. With the majority of the town's population not yet connected to a sewer network, there was an immediate need to provide a wastewater treatment plant to treat wastewater generated from the towns' population and small industries. Ashghal, the Public Works Authority of Qatar and its end user, decided to install a tanker discharge facility with a compact sewage treatment plant to produce effluent suitable for reuse in irrigation.

  9. Headworks® Bar Screen Walks The Talk At Amherst, NY – No Spares Consumed In 13 Straight Years

    The Amherst Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) is located just off of Tonawanda Creek Road in the Town of Amherst and is less than twenty miles from beautiful Niagara Falls.

  10. Use Of Pure Oxygen To Resolve Capacity And Odor Problems

    The Escalon Industrial Waste Water Treatment Facility’s service area is seasonal and centered on tomato and pickle processing. The production season (roughly mid-July through mid-October) sees high hydraulic- and BOD loads that strain the facility’s capacity. During the high season highly variable BOD load depletes DO and causes permit violations and odor complaints. Praxair installed 4 X 15 HP Medium Velocity Oxygenation (MVO™ oxygenation system), with the ability to deliver up to 6 TPD of oxygen to supplement the existing aeration capacity at the facility.