Wastewater Case Studies and Whitepapers

  1. Case Study: Aerator/Mixer System Gives China WWTP Trouble-Free Performance

    Aeration Industries International, Inc. is playing a key role in cleaning up water worldwide to help preserve the earth’s most precious resource, water. When the Chinese city of Lin An planned an expansion to their oxidation oval system, officials were looking for a new type of aeration system that would offer process performance and trouble free operation. The company's AIRE-O2 TRITON process aerator/mixers were the ideal solution for the Lin An wastewater treatment facility.

  2. Feature Installation: Pleasant Valley School District, PA (Wastewater Treatment Lagoons)
    Pleasant Valley School District is comprised of seven schools encompassing a 120 square mile area (311 km2) in Monroe County Pennsylvania.
  3. Outfitting The World’s Largest And Greenest Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The sprawling Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Facility is the largest advanced wastewater treatment plant in the world, with a capacity to treat an average of 370 million gallons of sewage a day.

  4. Meeting The Growing Demand For Large Size Degasification Modules

    Sun Chemical Advanced Materials’ parent company, the DIC Corporation, is pleased to announce that it has expanded production capacity of its large size degasification module (LDM), SEPAREL® EF-120, by building a new plant.

  5. Higher Flux Rate Operation With The Fuzzy Filter

    As greater restrictions and increased capacities are being placed on industrial & municipal plants, filtration systems are being pushed to greater operating levels. The Fuzzy Filter has enjoyed a distinct advantage over conventional media and disc type filters by virtue of its ability to operate at over 5 times conventional flux rates while maintaining effluent quality better than these technologies.

  6. Top-Entry Agitators Keep Costs Low, Combat Pollution

    As the drainage basin to 85 million people, the Baltic Sea has faced considerable environmental strain for many years. Updated regulations to reduce levels of phosphorous and nitrogen prompted the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to install new top-entry agitators in its aeration basins. By optimizing thrust and bulk flow, the updated plant now combats pollution by treating 400 MGD of wastewater while keeping energy costs to a minimum.

  7. Headworks Bar Screens Solve Reweaving Problems At East Greenbush, NY Pump Station - And More!

    In the late 1620s, the Dutch immigrants to what was later to become the United States began a settlement on the shores of the Hudson River with a fort being built in 1669. That development has grown into what is now East Greenbush, NY, a small town in upstate New York in the suburbs of Albany, the state Capitol.

  8. Carbon Dioxide For pH Control Of Landfill Leachate

    A landfill operator’s leachate treatment plant in Missouri required pH reduction following lime-softening and prior to the biological wastewater treatment process. Carbon dioxide (CO2) was chosen as a substitute for sulfuric acid due to improved process control and a reduced tendency to form scale.

  9. Get A Big Bang For Your Buck With A Smart Selection

    The Huber Technology EscaMAX® gives control over what gets in the stream whereas their previous process gave them no way to prevent rag balls from flowing into pumps and mixers and causing slowdowns and clogs.

  10. MBR Helps Ohio WWTP Expand Its Facility Within Its Existing Footprint

    The Carrollton Wastewater Treatment Plant located in eastern Ohio, was upgraded from conventional activated sludge technology.