Wastewater Case Studies and Whitepapers

  1. Case Study: Warm Springs Replaces RBC System With True Batch AquaSBR® Technology To Meet Effluent Requirements In Limited land Space
    Warm Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was incorporated in 1950 and utilized a RBC system with secondary clarification and chlorine disinfection to meet BOD and TSS treatment objectives
  2. Membrane Degasification -- Chemical Free Alternative For The pharmaceutical industry

    In treating water for the production of pharmaceuticals, the concentration of gases dissolved in the water plays an important role.

  3. Continuous Fill SBR Tanks Help WWTP Exceed Effluent Requirements, Generate Additional Revenue

    In order to meet the anticipated effluent criteria required by the Pennsylvania DEP, the Newville Borough Water & Sewer Authority determined that its existing wastewater treatment facility needed renovations. By installing two continuous fill SBR tanks, the facility lowered total nitrogen below permit limits, reduced energy costs, and created a new revenue stream (selling unused nutrient allocations). Read the case study for full details.

  4. NE Alabama Water District Case Study
    Northeast Alabama Water District (NEAW) services 15,200 connections within 2,052 square miles, resulting in a very large distribution area.
  5. Water Treatments Mass Exodus To Improved Chemical Dosing

    When first moved from water reservoirs, water contains materials that need to be treated and or removed. All microorganisms, flora and fauna waste, assorted dirt and insects all need to be dealt with before, water is fit for human consumption.  It is understood that, water needs to make many detours in its path from raw supplies to the tap.   All these detours start at the treatment plant.  At the plant water goes though applications that remove contaminants such as suspended solids, bacteria, algae, fungi, and minerals such as iron and manganese. The final objective is to turn contaminated debris choked water into safe, drinking water.

  6. Discfilter Fixes TSS Effluent And Capacity Issues

    The Oconomowoc, WI Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) needed to repair or replace the existing shallow bed traveling bridge sand filters.

  7. Auburn University Aerator Test Results

    The DO2E Aerator differs from its competitors in several key areas. Our system is equipped with a patented mixing chamber and air manifold system that no other system has.

  8. Novel Technology Mimics Nature, Simplifies Biosolids Management

    Every waste treatment system in the world has a biosolids management issue.  For some it is just volume disposal; for others it is toxic disposal; for still others the issue is meeting the discharge requirements. By Chip Bettle, Absolute Aeration, LLC

  9. State-Of-The-Art Treatment Equipment Greatly Reduces Plant’s Energy Consumption

    Driven by compliance with more stringent water treatment standards, the Fond du Lac Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) leveraged the upgrade opportunity to improve beyond limiting ammonia effluent levels. The plant improved energy fficiency, reduced maintenance and operating costs, and eliminated bypasses into Lake Winnebago during high rainfall.

  10. Pesticides - Emerging Contaminants (Fact Sheet)

    The use of pesticides to control unwanted pests dates back hundreds of years.