Wastewater Case Studies and Whitepapers

  1. Case Study: XP Software Kawana Waters Project
    XP-Storm has been used successfully by Cardno MBK to model very large urban catchments with multiple outlets and complex major storm flow paths. By XP Software
  2. Upcoming Standards And Compliance Regarding Lead-Free Requirements

    Badger Meter has and will continue to manufacture and provide products that meet the requirements of current and future lead-free standards. This white paper discusses these changing industry needs both as they relate to Badger Meter products and to water utilities in general.

  3. Small Wonder: Compact, Reliable Ozone For Advanced Wastewater Disinfection
    Pinnacle Ozone works with many water professionals in North and South America using a wide spectrum of application methods for water and wastewater treatment. One such company using a novel approach to wastewater treatment is BlueInGreen®, LLC, which is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. By David Carpenter, Pinnacle Ozone
  4. Centerfeed Fine Screen Dramatically Increases Throughput

    The Rotamat screen has been a popular choice for protecting debris sensitive technologies downstream such as MBRs. Through a constant program of responding industry needs, Huber Technology has developed the RPPS Star Pro series centerfeed fine screen. When combined, the Star and Pro options for the RPPS increases capacity and enables for even finer perforations, allowing for increased screenings removal in a tighter footprint.

  5. What To Know About Water Quality Analysis For Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse osmosis (RO) has become a widely utilized treatment process for diverse applications such as medical and laboratory research, desalination, and treatment of industrial wastewater and municipal water/wastewater. Because of its widespread use and technically advanced nature, a variety of quality parameters should be monitored by those treatment operators who utilize it.

  6. Remote Monitoring Saves Money, Time For Rural Municipality

    With outdated flow-monitoring systems, the Newtown Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority (NBCJMA) faced time-consuming communication gaps between the various sites of its large, decentralized sewer system. After bringing in engineering consulting firm Gannett Fleming, they installed remote telemetry units (RTUs) with solar power, eliminating the need for AC power or field visits to change batteries. Today, technicians can review data in a few minutes instead of a few hours thanks to frequent, regular delivery of data.

  7. Reliable Production Of High Quality Permeate For Irrigation

    Following one of the driest periods on record in California, farmers in the San Joaquin Valley faced restricted water allocations.

  8. Flow Data Red Flags: When To Act

    Accurate flow measurement is critical to most water and wastewater processes. Red flags may pop up to indicate meter problems, but which ones should lead you to act — and when? The answer depends on the type of meter, what it is used for, and whether the readings are local or remote.

  9. Precision Agriculture Requires Precision Measurement

    Devices ensure precision fertilizer application while reducing air and water quality issues.

  10. Advanced Diagnostics of Thermal Mass Flow Meters

    Many thermal mass flow meters are of the insertion type. As a starting point, proper insertion depth and straight run per the manufacturer’s recommendations should be adhered to.