Wastewater Case Studies and Whitepapers

  1. Chlorine To UV: Conversion Made Easy (Case Study)

    The city of Auburn, AL has two wastewater treatment facilities – the Northside Water Pollution Control Facility and the H.C. Morgan Water Pollution Control Facility. In 2012, the H.C. Morgan facility was upgraded, and disinfection was converted from chlorine to UV. This case study will provide you with details about the selection process, why our TrojanUVSigna™ was chosen, and how we helped simplified the conversion from chlorine.

  2. MS Series Bar Screens Simplify Maintenance And Increase Tranquility

    The City of Los Angeles Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant (DCT) combines technology with tranquility.

  3. Case Study: Jewett Elementary School
    The Mission Statement of the Rogue Valley Sewer Services of Jackson County, Oregon states: “It is the mission of Rogue Valley Sewer Services (RVS) to provide and maintain all sewer and storm drain systems within its boundaries, and provide customers with competent and professional services in the most cost-effective manner possible while maintaining the quality of life and the health, safety, and welfare of Rogue Valley constituents.” A key part of this endeavor was the Jewett Elementary School Project in the city of Central Point, OR
  4. Seven Tips To Cut Wastewater Aeration Energy Costs With Thermal Mass Flow Meters

    One of the biggest expenses in wastewater treatment operations is the cost of energy to run the blowers and compressors that produce air for the aeration basins.

  5. In-line Aeration System Provides Required Level Of Dissolved Oxygen In Pressurized Effluent Line

    The treated effluent from all wastewater treatment plants across the country must meet local dissolved oxygen (DO) limits before discharging into receiving waters.

  6. Predictive Diagnostics Has Arrived, But How Is It Applied To Wastewater Instrumentation?

    Technology for wastewater treatment is an ever-changing thing. But as plants continue to rely on instrumentation to assure effective operations, a new level of diagnostics has emerged.

  7. Color, Turbidity And Philosophy

    When we humans look at objects we describe them in terms of color. We say that an apple is red or a leaf is green. To us color is an attribute just as surely as the mass or dimensions of an object. But the fact is that color is a pure human construct. Take away the human and it does not exist.

  8. Case Study: XP Software Water Re-Use At The Sydney Olympics
    Based on our prior preparation of the stormwater management strategy and concept design for stormwater infrastructure at the Homebush Bay Olympic Site in Sydney, XP Software has been engaged since 1995 to provide specialist advice to the Olympic Co-ordination Authority (OCA) on a project by project basis. The scope of each project, inputs, approach, and outputs were agreed with OCA prior to commencing to ensure an integrated management approach. By XP Software
  9. Rumors, Half-Truths, And Truths About Temperature And pH

    A few months ago I received a call from an angry user who was using one of our differential probes and a controller. Embedded in the probe is a thermistor that measures temperature.

  10. Anaerobic And Aerobic Treatment Solution For Paper Mill Wastewater

    Fluence provided the right solution for this paper mill to meet stringent permit discharge limits and produce renewable energy.