Wastewater Case Studies and Whitepapers

  1. Technical White Paper: Energy Efficiency Of Twin Screw Blowers Compared To Rotary Lobe Blowers

    In order to achieve a significant improvement in energy efficiency in the technology of air blowers for small volume flows, a technology step is needed. The step to achieve significant progress in energy efficiency in the low-pressure market is taken by introducing blowers using internal compression instead of external compression. By Atlas Copco Compressors

  2. Eliminate Your Pump Clogging Caused By Flushables

    The flushable market is on the rise, led by marketing efforts to position these products as more convenient, more effective cleaning tools than their dry paper counterparts. It is no surprise that pump clog problems seem to be increasing at the same time.

  3. High Recovery Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment For Industrial, Agricultural, And Municipal Applications

    Industry accounts for nearly 60 percent of fresh water withdrawals in the developed world and agriculture consumes 70 percent of fresh water supplies globally, according to UNESCO.

  4. Platte River Power Authority Restores Cooling Reservoir, Reducing Maintenance Costs And Improving Wildlife Habitat

    Top-performing coal-fired power plant finds that SolarBee® solar-powered mixers combat blue-green algae in 500-acre reservoir without the need for chemicals or mechanical aeration.

  5. Water Level Concerns In Texas Require A Stable Solution

    The Sabine River Authority (SRA) operates the 36,700 surface-acre reservoir of Lake Tawakoni and Iron Bridge Dam on the headwaters of the Sabine River. A number of historic Indian tribes settled in the surrounding land area prior to construction of the reservoir in 1960, giving Lake Tawakoni its name. By The Gorman-Rupp Company

  6. Decoding Ozone Disinfection Revisited

    Late last year we published an extremely popular article on understanding the ozone disinfection process. Based on the response, we’ve updated this year’s article with a bit more information to illustrate how powerful these simple tools can be to operations staff.

  7. Packaged Wastewater Treatment For Uneven Terrain

    Storey County, NV, just southeast of Reno, needed to replace an outdated wastewater treatment plant that serves the historic communities of Virginia City and Gold Hill. The new site was on the side of a hill, presenting challenges for the design of the plant and the orientation of its processes. Also, the new plant area was entirely within a district on the National Register of Historic Places. Read the full case study to learn how the new modular design allows for an efficient wastewater treatment solution.

  8. Novel Technology Mimics Nature, Simplifies Biosolids Management

    Every waste treatment system in the world has a biosolids management issue.  For some it is just volume disposal; for others it is toxic disposal; for still others the issue is meeting the discharge requirements. By Chip Bettle, Absolute Aeration, LLC

  9. Aeration Basin Air Flow Monitoring At A Stockholm Wastewater Plant

    At a wastewater treatment plant in Stockholm, Sweden, each aeration basin has several diffuser systems. Each diffuser system requires individual air flow monitoring and independent control. The air flow pipes leading to the diffusers typically do not have much straight run of pipe. This makes accurate measurement of the air flow more difficult. In addition, the air flow coming from the compressors is inconsistent

  10. The Hidden Costs Of Aeration

    To ensure that aeration equipment will provide not only the best overall solution for their treatment needs but also the lowest total cost of ownership, design engineers and plant operators must take into consideration three primary factors: blower selection, right-sizing, and smart control systems.