Article | March 28, 2014

Eliminate Your Pump Clogging Caused By Flushables

Source: Smith & Loveless, Inc.

The flushable market is on the rise, led by marketing efforts to position these products as more convenient, more effective cleaning tools than their dry paper counterparts. It is no surprise that pump clog problems seem to be increasing at the same time.

“Nine times out of ten when we pulled a pump it would be clogged with rags, just clogged full of them,” said Andy Keller, Sewer Department Foreman at a year-round resort community in California.

Keller estimates that the most problematic of the seven underground pump stations he operates was clogging as many as three to four times a week. Pump clogs would often come one right after another, especially on weekends when the population would sometimes quadruple, and this meant overtime hours paid to service workers.

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